Happy Endings!

*** Elsie's Story ***

Written by her new Mom

I recently lost my Boarder Collie of 12 years and I was feeling pretty blue. I had wanted an Aussie before my last dog so I started my search looking for Aussies on the Internet. I thought I'd like a new puppy to bond with but the day I was looking everyone was between litters. That is when I came across the Aussie Rescue Internet site.

I looked at all the colorful photos of possible adoptees and stopped at an attractive juvenile female with one brown and one blue eye. I called and arranged a time to meet her. I met her and Karyl from Aussie Rescue at the shelter where she was being cared for in Lake Elsinore. This Aussie was sweet, shy, smallish and very pretty. She looked to be about 1 1/2 years old, was quiet and well behaved even around some young boys who were petting her.

She was obviously well socialized and somehow was separated from her family without a return address on her red collar. After introductions, Karyl let me walk the nameless Aussie around. I had already decided if I kept her to name her Elsie after Lake Elsinore. She walked easily on the leash but she was more interested in her liberation than in me.

Elsie in Lake Elsinore Shelter
Previously, I had only selected puppies from litters and there had always been one who was so excited to choose me. Adopting an adult dog was obviously different. Elsie had no expectations of going home with me because I didn't represent home to her. Her disposition and looks were great, the fact that she had already passed the initial puppyhood stage fit my current needs, and I missed having a dog pal and walking companion. She seemed as good a choice as any, and I would never know unless I took a chance.

Karyl talked a lot about Aussies as high energy, smart, nippy and lovable, but not a breed for everyone. And, obviously there was no history on Elsie, good or bad. Then Karyl said the right thing that gave me the push I needed. Karyl said that if Elsie didn't work out with my family she would find her another home. Just what I needed to hear. I couldn't bear the burden of returning a dog to a shelter.

Well I have no regrets. Elsie is the most loving dog I have ever had. She was house broken right away, sleeps quietly all night in our bedroom and she gets so excited when she greets my family. I could tell right from the start that it was going to work out. Elsie fit in like she had been here for years. She followed me like a shadow, and instantly bonded with my husband and my son. They taught her to sit on command and to fetch a ball, which she liked a lot. She also likes to take walks on the leash.

Elsie has many sides to her. She can be frisky, follows me around, but is relaxed enough to exit through the doggie door. She spent some time sleeping under the tree in the back yard the other day, and then buried her chew biscut for later retrieval. She also likes my mom and dad a lot (our yards are connected by a gate); she goes over and sleeps in their living room. You'd think she'd been with us for a long while.

Elsie is definitely is a sheepdog. She has a pushy way of expressing herself with nips and tugs as she herds us along. But, she is also easy and wants to be with us at all times. We take her traveling and we always meet someone who owns or just admires Aussies. Her one blue eye is a conversation ice breaker!

So, that is our success story. :))

Elsie with her new Mom

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