Happy Endings!

*** Mikee's Story ***

Written by his new Mom

I want to thank your organization for posting Aussie in Shelters. I had been looking for an Aussie for sometime. I finally went on the Internet and searched for "Animal Shelters". I was looking at the pages of dogs and puppies when I came across one that just made my heart jump, he was a 1-year old male. And the most exciting part was he was at the shelter one block from my house. Now I have had no luck finding one close to my house. I was getting ready to go to a rescue in Las Vegas. I was so excited but I had to call and see if he was still there. He had been available for approximately three days already and I was sure he wouldn't be there, I was wrong, he was still there.....

As soon as I got off work I went straight there. I went in and they told me he wouldn't do well with other dogs, so I left without even looking at him. I didn't feel right about it. My husband told me "go and look at him", so I went back and saw him and fell in love. He was a sweetie! I decided to try and if it didn't work out I could foster him until we found another home. Well, Mikee is still with us and he gets along fine with the other dogs. Mikee has been going to Doggie Training and doing awesome.

At Norco Shelter

He has learned to stay out of the horse corrals; he will lay down and wait at the gait for me. When he first arrived it was a mad house. He would run in and bark and got kicked a couple times. I knew we had to teach him to stay out or he would get seriously hurt. He is doing great and he gets better everyday. He has learned to walk on the leash without pulling and he has learned to stay in his yard unless he is given permission. We will be learning the obedience commands this week: sit, heel and stay. Once we accomplish that I think our next goal will be Agility :)

Mikee is awesome and everyone likes him, we are told he looks like the dog on T.V., "Little House on the Prairie" and "Down and Out in Beverly Hills". I'll have to go see the movie now :) Thank you again for the work you do. I only wish my husband would let me have another. I have my eye on another dog located in a shelter and I just wish I could get him out.

Keep up the excellent work : )

Mikee with his new family

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