Happy Endings!

*** Smokey's Story ***

Written by his new Dad

When I was growing up, I had an Australian Shepherd; we named her Duchess that was very loving and extremely smart. There were 5 of us in my family, and we all adored her tremendously. Out of all of the dogs we had, she was by far the best. We had her for 13 years.

When I bought a house, the next step I wanted to take was to get a pet. I of course was set on an Aussie. When looking in the paper, I sadly found that I would not be able to pay the prices that were being asked. My mother in-law wanted to surprise me, so she put up a notice at her local vet offering to specifically rescue Aussies. A lady that happened to raise and breed Australian Shepherds saw the notice and contacted my mother in-law.

This lady had an Australian Shepherd named Smokey that had been found wondering around the mountain community where she lived. The lady took in the dog and ran ads in the paper. No one claimed the poor dog, and since she had no room for him because a few of her female Aussies were ready to have pups, she decided to put Smoky up for adoption with the local humane society. That is where I came in. I went to see him and immediately fell in love with him. He is a Blue Merle with intelligent brown eyes. When Smokey was brought to me, he was a bit anxious with his new surroundings, but always loving.

Smokey in his new home

He settled in and has become an extremely enjoyable pet. My wife keeps saying, “I just love our dog!” The story continues. Since he is alone most of the day because of our jobs, we decided to get him a friend. Of course we got another Aussie from a canine sanctuary. This one is a Red Merle and we named her Tessie (they are both fixed!). Smokey and Tessie have become the best of friends, and my wife and I enjoy the walks and sitting with them as we watch TV. They both are truly in dog heaven.

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