Dovey’s Puppies

June 25, 2017  More puppy pictures:








June 24, 2017.   Four Weeks Old!   Click photo for video:


June 22 and 23 2017

Click photo for video:


More Pictures: June 23, 2017


June 20, 2017 – First Meal Other Than Mom!

Click this picture for video:


Dovey’s Puppies – 3 weeks old 

Click on these three pictures for U Tube videos of these cuties:


June 16, 2017 –
Dovey’s puppies are 2 days shy of 3 weeks old – and are escaping!!!  So we made a larger enclosure for them, to give them plenty of room and hopefully contain them!




Here they are at 2 weeks old – we celebrated by taking individual pictures and having mani/pedi’s     Eyes and ears are opening and they are moving around!  Here’s a couple of short videos of them getting their legs working – Dovey puppies week 2:

INTRODUCING: DOVEY’S PUPPIESS!!!     Born May 28, 2017