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The dogs listed below are up for adoption through Aussie Rescue SoCal. They may be in foster homes. Follow the specific contact information in the listing if interested in a dog that is listed. If there is no information listed for contact, use our Adoption Application to express interest. Please be sure to put the dogs name your interested in using the appropriate field.

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Sheila and Marley

SHEILA is a 9 yr old red tri spayed female  & MARLEY is a 10 yr old neutered blue merle male.  They were turned over to our rescue because of a divorce situation. They are housebroken and crate trained, very friendly, were living with kids in their original home and were fine.  Sheila seems to ignore our cats but Marley is taking some work - I wouldn’t trust him unattended with cats at all.  They do pull pretty hard on the leash, especially Sheila - with work she definitely does better, but you will need to be willing to work with her on it. They LOVE to go anywhere, have been to a dog park and were okay in general but do NOT recommend it - they definitely pack up against other dogs, insult one and you've got both to deal with quickly.  Definitely need a solid wall/wood type of fence as Marley really likes to fence fight, and Sheila more than willing to join in.  Marley loooves to fetch the tennis ball, Sheila will go after it just to frustrate him, then drops it - she prefers the fire hose type toy with a squeaker.   Very sweet kids, age-wise you might consider them seniors, but they are still very active!  If you are interested in them, please fill out our adoption application: https://www.aussierescuesocal.com/applications/adoption_v2/ - if you've already filled one out with us, email: aussierescuesocal@gmail.com  (Perris area)   (1-19)


Winston, now "BERNIE", isn't working out so well in his adoptive home, but fortunately they are willing to foster him until a better match can be found -
“Bernie” is approximately 11 years old, neutered, mostly deaf, male Cattle Dog mix. He was rescued from a kill shelter and is being fostered in Van Nuys, LA County. He has done a 180 degree turn from a rough and tumble shelter dog to having healthy soft hair, bright eyes, and a healthy appetite. He has the classic traits of a herding breed: smart, explorer, strong herding tendencies, and a bit bossy. Since he seems to be mostly deaf, and older, he will not easily be trained to be different than who he is. Luckily, he’s pretty awesome. He loves to shadow his person, and he sleeps very well. He often goes to bed on his own and wakes up groggy and ready for tummy rubs. He doesn’t have many teeth so his tongue sometimes hangs out in an adorable manner, much like his one floppy ear. He is completely house broken, rides contently in the back of a car (mostly sleeping), has gone on long hikes, walks well on a leash, and he regularly goes to doggy day care and dog parks, proving that he plays well with others. We would not recommend him to a house with cats as he currently is loving chasing the squirrels at his current foster home. In our experience, he has the potential to become possessive of his main person, so his ideal home would be with one human or at least a home with humans that have strong personalities who can put him in his place. Being deaf, he is not a frequent barker; though, he seems quite frustrated in a kennel/crate. He doesn’t like to be separated from his people - he doesn’t bark when left at home alone, only when he knows his people might be near. He’d probably do best in a house or a yard rather than smaller confinements. Truly, he’s a real charmer; a sweetheart. His current foster parent is eager to work with his forever parents, including talking more and visiting with adoptees beforehand. If you are interested in this handsome boy, please fill out our adopt app: https://www.aussierescuesocal.com/applications/adoption_v2/ (San Fernando Valley Area).   (11-18)


"TEDDY" is a 3 yr old spayed red tri female Aussie, reserved at first meeting, but very sweet once she knows you. Teddy is much more people oriented than dog oriented - has been fine with male dogs, may even play with them some, walks by other females, but really does not like other dogs in her face, and *really* prefers to be with her people than with other dogs, she would not enjoy a dog park situation. She does get very bonded to her person, would not do well in a home where no one is home all day. She has no interest in toys or ball/fetch at this point, walks well on a leash and does fine riding in the car. She is crate trained (sleeps in one at night with no problem) and housebroken. She will avoid my cat in the house, but I am very sure she would chase him if he ran, so would NOT recommend her to be left alone unattended with cats or other small critters. Teddy was living with children in her original home and they said she was fine around them. We did have surgery done on her right rear leg, to remove some surgical wire that was coming through her skin. She had been attacked as a puppy by another dog and they really messed up her rear leg - it does not bend like it should, so she's kinda gimpy with it - doesn't bother her, but hiking or jogging is not her thing. If you are interested in this sweetheart, please fill out our adoption application: https://www.aussierescuesocal.com/applications/adoption_v2/ - if you've already got one filled out with us, email: aussierescuesocal@gmail.com (Perris area)


 Laska is an approximately 1-1.5 yr old spayed female Aussie.  Because she is a double merle, she is deaf and has limited vision, but that does not stop her from enjoying life!  This is what her foster mom says about her -

Hey y’all! I’m super excited that my little foster is finally going to be ready for a new forever home! She’s a doll and has come a long way from the scared pup that would hardly move in more then a circle when I got her from the shelter. This little fishy loves to play in water, go to the farmers market, play dates, is great for the groomer, eager to please and loves to learn new things. She's house broke and crate trained. She’s just as comfortable lounging around the house as she is walking the strip. I’ve taken her to the ranch I work my herding dogs at, around my horse, the flea market, pier, farmers market, pet functions, work with me, doggie play dates, and even out to dinner at our local dog friendly restaurant. She loves it all!
Laska does seem to have some allergies that make her eyes tear up, but she gets the "Vet's Best Seasonal Allergy Relief Dog Supplements" and that takes care of it.  If you are interested in this beautiful girl, please fill out our adoption application:  https://www.aussierescuesocal.com/applications/adoption_v2/  - if you've already filled one out in the past, just drop me an email:  aussierescuesocal@gmail.com   (Sylmar area)  (8-18)