Other Informational Websites

bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) THE ELECTRONIC ZOO
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) THE MERCK VETERINARY MANUAL - online! check this out, great site!
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) DOG FRIENDLY - This web site shows lodging, parks, beaches and recreation and restaurants that accepts dogs for all of California, as well as publishes U.S. and Canadian pet travel guides for dogs of ALL sizes & breeds.
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) MISSING PET NETWORK
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) ALT VET MED - Alternative, complimentary and holistic veterinary medicine
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) DOG PLAY - Fun site with a list of all the myriad things you can do with your dog for fun
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) NADAC AGILITY -  Link to NADAC homepage
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) USDAA AGILITY -  Link to USDAA homepage
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) AKC AGILITY -  Link to AKC agility page
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) CLEAN RUN - Link to the Clean Run homepage
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) SITSTAY.COM - Neat site with lots of training related products
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) EDUCATE YOURSELF  - Informational Articles from Second Time Around Aussie Rescue, Inc. on: Crate Training; Separation Anxiety; Submissive Urination; Spay/Neuter; Traveling With Shep 
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) VETCENTRIC   - This comprehensive animal health site is a great resource for pet owners who want to educate themselves about preventive care, diseases, grooming, and more. The site includes an encyclopedia of health problems, a knowledge base containing answers to common questions, and discussion forums in which veterinarians participate (a free registration is required for the forums). 
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) CLICKER TRAINING LESSONS, offering step-by-step obedience lessons, regular as well as problem behaviors, for free, from the training school Greenwood Dog Training School in Delaware.
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) "NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE" behavior modification training program, by Deb McKean.
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes)  AUSSIELADS  website has a ton of information about Aussies as well as Aussie Rescue efforts nationwide .... one of their pages is a *must read* of information about homozygous merles, or called "Lethal White" on their site, which can happen when a merle is bred to another merle  ...  check this site out!!
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) DEAF DOG EDUCATION ACTION FUND  -  Excellent website helping deaf dogs, please check it out if you are living with or thinking of living with, a deaf dog! 
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) THE SENIOR DOGS PROJECT
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) DOGGIE TREAT RECIPES - delicious!!  Special dietary needs recipes also!
DOG FEEDING INFO website - top dry and canned foods from Whole Dog Journal, plus info on raw food diet and speciality diets
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) Pre- and Post-Op Care, Blood Test and Urinalysis References, Vaccination Information - AWESOME information!!
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes)
IT'S FOR THE ANIMALS -  website by Helen McKinnon filled with natural care and resources - FANTASTIC SITE! 
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes)
THE ONLINE DOG AGILITY INFORMATION PAGE  - Excellent website for information about dog agility!!  Some great links to other pages with more information about agility, from it's history to rules, to the obstacles and more.  Many thanks to Mrs. Harris' student who found this!
bluepaw.gif (152 bytes) Meet Up Group for Herding Breeds in San Diego County - All Sheepdog breeds & mixed breeds are welcome to join this group!

PET PLANET REALTY -  The Pet Friendly, Eco-Friendly Realtor - 10% of profits go to animal charities
K-9 TOP COAT - Dog Coats, Dog Vests and Waterproof Dog Apparel - not only for keeping them warm and dry, but also have garments that are a barrier for skin allergies or wounds.
"Cleaning Basics for Pets and Humans in the Home" - courtesy of Sarah's Girl Scout Troop in Tennessee - thank you ladies!
Alzheimer's in Dogs and Cats - informative article!
Guide to Homeowners Insurance for Dog Owners

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