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Choosing a pet is a commitment for life, please choose wisely...


The Australian Shepherd is NOT the right dog for every family. To be sure you understand the breed, please read Liz Palika's: Is an Australian Shepherd the Right Dog for You?

Following is a PARTIAL listing only of the available dogs in foster care or private homes in the Southern California area. For information on ADDITIONAL dogs, please contact a Rescue Representative.

If you're interested in rescuing an Australian Shepherd, please first check your local shelters. Aussies are showing up there in ALARMING numbers, and we need your help to save them.  Please check our Facebook page to see what we have listed in local shelters




"EMMA" is a sweet 14 year old spayed Black Tri female looking for a new home to spend her retirement. She is good with people and other dogs, Emma weighs 45#, and is in good health except for a little arthritis. For more information, contact Diane rdranch12@gmail.com   (North Hollywood)



Koda has been turned over to Aussie Rescue SoCal and we will update and relist him once we have had him thoroughly checked out by the specialist and evaluated by a trainer.


"LUCY & GINGER" are the newest members to the Aussie Rescue SoCal family - they were relinquished to us because their elderly owners were having to move into a care facility.  They are 7.5 yrs old, housebroken, not been around cats or children, but have been doing okay meeting new dogs with us.  For more information and pictures, please click here - http://aussierescuesocal.com/Lucy_Ginger.html

UPDATE: Lucy has been adopted.



"GINGER"  is 5 years old, house trained, healthy, fixed and up to date on her vaccines. She loves to be around people and kids and would be great for a family.  Per the owner:
We are making this tough decision because we can no longer give her the attention that she deserves. We had an older male shepherd that she loved dearly but he passed away last year (he was 12 and developed lymphoma). Shortly after that my wife and I had our first baby, which forced a lot of our attention away from Ginger. After our older male passed, Ginger and our other female dog (11 year old German shepherd) have not gotten along too well. This has forced us to keep them separated which means they are locked up more than they should be. Especially when we are not home during the day. As much as we love Ginger we know that the life we are giving her now is not what's best for her. She should be with a family that can give her the attention that she desires. She is very sweet, extremely intelligent and loves to just hang out with people. We've had her since she was 6 weeks old and she's trained as an inside/outside dog but prefers to be inside with the family (we also have 2 indoor cats that she has always gotten along well with). My wife and I always joke that she thinks she is a tiny lap dog because she always wants to snuggle. If you are interested in Ginger please contact owner Rene @ 310-293-1677  (Rancho Mission Viejo area) (10-1)


is a 13 yr old spayed female Aussie looking for a new home.  She does have lupus and incontinence but is still full of life.  Her owners are moving onto their sailboat and are not able to take her with them - per the owner, the drugs she was taking stop being effective for her incontinence so outside is best for her.  Leia is great with dogs, cats, loves children and strangers. She had never bitten anyone, she's a sweetheart. She sits, shakes, not real good on leash, loves car rides.
She lost some hair on nose due to lupus, was on steroids for that but they caused appetite increase and gained a ton of weight.  If you are interested in Leia, please contact owner Gina via email:  ggreene505050@gmail.com  or call 805-506-1484¬  (Camarillo area)   (7-16)






"LIP" is a 1 year old (DOB 1-11-16) neutered male Heeler, who is in need of a new home due to his owner's living situation changing. He weighs about 50 pounds, is current on his vaccinations, and is a high energy, active boy.  Lip is an active dog, he loves the dog park, is great with other dogs, and is GREAT in the car. We did one round of puppy training when he was a few months old. He listens to basic commands such as sit and leave it. Could use some additional training (he gets really excited and wants to jump on you if youíre a visitor) Would be best in a loving home with a fenced in yard. He is house trained and does not need to be in a crate when left alone. He is very LOYAL, protective and stays right by your side. Heelers are one of the most intelligent breeds (easy to train) . They need mental as well as physical exercise.  His favorite toy is his Kong Frisbee. If you are interested in this boy, please contact Jennifer at: JKThompson11@gmail.com  (Encinitas area)



"FRANK"  is a sweet 2 yr. old neutered male shepherd mix. He's 45-50# and is up to date on all vaccines. Frank loves car rides, swimming in a shallow pool, hiking and walking. He's very affectionate and loves being petted; he lived with a female dog and they were great pals. Frank has some anxiety and does not do well in a home with little children and is not a fan of the dog park. For more information, please contact Karen  karenbriggs@gmail.com



"SAMPSON" is a 7 yr old, Male, Border collie mix.

Meet Sampson! House trained, crate trained, very friendly, good with most other dogs. Knows sit, and is on a good recall, and rides well in the car.
He came to us at 49 lbs. he should be about 62lbs, we are working on getting his weight up to where it should be. He is cooperating with his new weight gain plan, loves his food and treats. If you are interested in adopting Sampson, please fill out an adoption application. http://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication/



  "LUNA" is a 2.5 yr old spayed female, who is looking for a new home that has more time for her - here is what her owner's have written about her -
My husband and I are looking for a loving home for our beautiful girl Luna. 
We rescued Luna in May 2015 from the L.A. County Downey shelter. She and her sister got picked up by animal control in April and her sister got adopted by a rescue shortly after. Luna's time at the shelter was coming up.  Because animal control picked them off the street, they don't know Luna's background but she definitely showed signs of being very abused.  She is very skittish.  When we chose to adopt her, we knew we had quite a challenge on our hands because she was very scared, would shake, sometimes vomit, and most of the time pee when she heard ANY noise.  Even after all of this, she has NEVER showed any aggression or aggressive behavior towards adults or children. She doesn't growl and barely even barks.
She never barked, which we thought that maybe she couldn't but almost about 6 months later while playing with her she let out a little bark and has been barking ever since.  We got her help and training through Bark Busters, took her to Doggie Day Camps, and groomers all while taking time off from work and she got better!   We felt she was ready to have a companion so in March 2016,
my husbands cousin gave us a dog. They both got along right of the bat.   Our new dog really helped her gain confidence and learn how to be a dog. She has learned to trust us and others a bit more. We walk her every morning and night. And play with her everyday for a good 10-15/ day. Just recently she found a way to jump over our wall. We fixed the problem by putting up chicken wire up but she started digging up our sprinkler system.  She is getting to be too much for us and since we work and travel often she has outgrown what we can give her. We are so proud of the dog she has become. 
She is about 2 1/2 years old, about 35-40 lbs., has all her current vaccinations, spayed, house broken, gets along well with other dogs, non aggressive, loves to catch birds and loves to go on runs/walks. She gets along with children. 
Overall she is a great girl and wish to find her a loving home with an active family that can give her the time and attention she needs.   Click to see a short video of Luna:  https://youtu.be/T2jsSbsQLmw     if you are interested in this sweet girl, please contact Jessica via email: jirendon@aol.com

"BANDIT" is a Shepherdy mix neutered male, about 8 years old, that loves people!  He is great with other dogs, all sizes, but a little too interested in cats to be trusted.  He is a sweetheart that is looking for a loving home to call his own.  He was rescued out of a high kill shelter after no one came for him or adopted him, the skin around his nose and eyes were a mess.  We had him seen by the vet and was he was diagnosed with discoid lupus.  He is currently on 2 different meds that run about $10 a month and has healed up beautifully, feels great and is still plenty active for his age.  If you are interested in being this gem of a boy's forever home, please go to our adoption application and follow the directions: http://www.aussierescuesocal.com/adoption_application.html and email it toaussierescuesocal@gmail.com  (Palmdale area)


  "FLUFFY" is a 2 yr old neutered male Aussie mix, about 60 pounds, whose owner is having to place him ASAP due to her own health reasons.  He is a sweet boy, housebroken, active, and likes to play fetch.  He has the normal herding breed reserve at meeting strangers, but does warm up and is friendly once he knows you.  He has hasn't been around other dogs much, but has been 'cautiously curious' about them, no exposure to cats, so no idea there, limited exposure to her grandkids and does sometimes bark at first until he's comfortable, so probably an adult home would be best.  If you are interested in Fluffy, please contact owner Janice @ 951-672-9679  (Menifee area)  (11-3)



"RUBY" is a beautiful a 3 yr old female 45-50 lb Australian Shepherd mix.  Spayed and Micro-chipped. Great Temperament. She is teachable and eager to please.  Ruby is a cuddle bug, she loves affection and gives it back.  Kisses and all.  She loves to sleep with her human family whenever she can but she does understand boundaries if you set them.   She understands and obeys simple commands "sit" "stay" "lay down" "move over".  She is good with other dogs. Good with cats if you let her know the cat is a friend and not to be chased, she lives with a cat now and respects the cat and they are buddies.   She is best with older kids, currently lives with teens who adore her, She may nip while "herding" so little ones may not be a good Idea. She does like to roughhouse play.  She will take your arm and lead you where she wants you to go.  She enjoys walks , she does walk on a leash.  She loves to swim in the swimming pool, play fetch, tug o war, she loves to be chased. Likes to ride in the car.  She has had occasional accidents but we believe she has asked to go out and was ignored.    She can escape a back yard depending.... however she will not leave the house, she will guard it until you return.  
She is a guard dog extraordinaire she will not allow anyone enter the home unless the person is invited in by the family inside.  
Please contact Sherri @ 951-757-5664 or email: lovesdogs45@gmail.com  (Riverside Co)  (10-25)

"MAZIE" is a 7 yr old Aussie x German Shepherd (best guess) spayed female that had been turned into the shelter because her owner was no longer able to care for her....she ran out of time there so we bailed her out.  Once we got her we realized that she had difficulty getting up.  She clocked in at 88 pounds and her foster mom was able to get her down to 74 (could still stand to lose about another 8 pounds or so) and she was getting around better but still had some problems. So off she went to Dr Dhupa, our favorite orthopedist, for some X-rays.  It was found at some point in her past she apparently had been hit by a car and had suffered severe pelvic trauma.  Her right hip healed enough on it's own to be usable but her left was a mess and it continually luxated in and out  :[  It was decided FHO surgery was her best option and she is now 4 weeks post op and doing wonderful and ready for adoption!  Mazie is a delight, she is housebroken, great with other dogs, ignores the cats, and like most herding breeds, is a bit reserved at first meeting, but once warms up to you, is a lover :]  She is housebroken, a low key girl that likes to meander around for her walks, with an occasional trot thrown in when she gets excited - and a tail that seldom stops if you are around. If you are interested in Miss Mazie, please fill out our adoption application and email it to Karyl: aussierescuesocal@gmail.com  (Perris/Lake Elsinore area)
Click here: https://youtu.be/kHuD5gRoMjc  to see a short video of Mazie and how well she is getting around now!



Per owner: I am needing to rehome my Australian Shepherd / Border Collie mix - Keely.  She's a sweet smart loving 6 year old, spayed, and up to date on all her shots. She has always been slightly aggressive and anxious around other dogs. We did puppy training and worked with her at the dog park, however she mostly wants to be left alone and keeps to herself and her owner. We have another dog in our house and they've gotten into a few fights over the years mostly over food. However, with proper care and responsibility all this is manageable. If you know her tendencies (leave before she gets too tired, don't put her collar on when other dogs are close, keep her on a short leash while walking by other dogs, etc.) and are willing to work with her she is able to be taken to the dog park and walked.  We haven't had any issues in over a year. That said, we now have an 18 month old daughter. At first the dogs were uninterested in the baby. Now that she's 1 and a half and more mobile, it's become an issue. Keely has been getting increasingly uncomfortable around her. We never leave them unsupervised and worked with showing our daughter how to respect the dogs space and not bother them. However, over the weekend she got too close and Keely bit her in the face. Luckily, there was no major damage. She didn't break the skin, but it was still traumatizing. We need to rehome her as we cannot wait for this to happen again or worse. Ideally she'd do best in a home that understands an Aussie's demeanor and tendencies and no children. I would ideally like to find a new home for her by the weekend.  Any help would be most appreciated!

If you are interested in helping Keely, please contact Joe  408-569-9504 (11/18)



FLUFFY" This handsome sweetie had been running in the local desert for two weeks before he settled in on a resident's front porch. He was already neutered and microchipped, but the owner has not returned our calls, nor answered the letter sent by U.S. mail.
His age was listed as five-years old and had two names listed on his microchip information: 'Pescado' and 'Fluffy.'
He wags his tail no matter what we call him. He is super mellow and gentle, affectionate and loyal. Once he has been petted, he will follow anyone anywhere.  Best as an only dog, no idea on cats or kids.  Neutered, UTD on vaccines, microchipped.  If you are interested in Fluffy please contact kammdann@gmail.com or fill out an adoption application and email it to kammdann@gmail.com  (Palmdale area)



is a 6-7 year old spayed female looking for a new home with no small children or other female dogs.
She is a good watchdog with a very sweet personality and is a great walking partner both on and off leash.
She loves to travel in the car long distances.
CONTACT DENISE, 909-528-5583, dquist091391@msn.com   (7-16)

                                                   This is a partial list of the Aussies available in foster homes and private homes in the the Southern California area.

Southern California Representatives

Please only contact one of the following reps in order to avoid confusion and a repeat of efforts. Also, if your area code isn't represented, please contact only one of the reps.

San Bernardino & Riverside Counties - (909 & 951) // Los Angeles County - (213, 323, 310, 661) // Ventura County - (805):  E-mail

Los Angeles County - area codes 818, 626  E-mail

Geri Dimeglio  (San Diego County - area codes 619, 760, 858)  call: 720.684.9298 or  E-mail

Laurie Zurborg (Orange County - area codes 562, 714, 949) E-mail.

Or call a national Aussie Rescue org:
Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline: 1-877-ARPH-779


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