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Choosing a pet is a commitment for life, please choose wisely...


The Australian Shepherd is NOT the right dog for every family. To be sure you understand the breed, please read Liz Palika's: Is an Australian Shepherd the Right Dog for You?

Following is a PARTIAL listing only of the available dogs in foster care or private homes in the Southern California area. For information on ADDITIONAL dogs, please contact a Rescue Representative.

If you're interested in rescuing an Australian Shepherd, please first check your local shelters. Aussies are showing up there in ALARMING numbers, and we need your help to save them.




"Brady" could be your best friend.  He is happiest when he is with his person.  He is 4 years old, and weighs about 60 lbs.  He is good with all other dogs and greets them excitedly.   He does not want to play with everyone but will tolerate them in his space and would prefer to crawl in someone's lap.
He has learned to walk on a leash and rides well in the car.  He knows "sit" and takes food gently, but would benefit from basic obedience classes.  He is a gentle boy and would be fine around children over 6 who could not be easily pushed over by his enthusiasm for life.
He needs a moderate amount of exercise.  Has is  housetrained in his foster home and greets everyone with joy and a welcome lick.  Like all Aussies this is not a dog who should be left alone for long periods of time as he becomes anxious  and not a good fit for a full time working family.
Unknown around cats. Please contact dogadopt21@gmail.com (Located in Santa Barbara) (10-23)


is a beautiful 1 year old black tri neutered male rescued out of a shelter.  He is an active boy, will need some training as he is still a teenager with jumping up and mouthing, so not appropriate for young children.  He craves some love and attention, not really into toys at this point, does know sit and down. He likes treats and wants to please you.  He's been doing fine with housebreaking, but is outdoors when no one is home.  No idea how he is with cats and can be overwhelming for small dogs with wanting to play with them.
If you are interested in this fella, please contact rescuer Jane @ 805-501-4201  or email: barkk9rescue@yahoo.com  (Simi Valley area)  (10-23)


(Sammy) is a 7 year old Australian Shepherd who loves to be loved. He was once upon a time a lap dog, despite his 55lbs. If he could curl up in a ball on your lap under a blanket, it'd be his favorite place to be. He loves to be taught tricks and responds to commands such as: sit, speak, high five and "bang" (in which he falls and plays dead). He is such an incredibly loyal dog and deserves a home where someone has the space and time to give them their love and affection. He and I used to be best friends, and then I had my daughter and being a single mom I wasn't able to tend to him the way I used to. He's been outdoors since 2012 and is so ready to have someone invite him in again. Sam means the world to me and its heartbreaking to give him up, but he deserves a home where he can run and play with someone who can devote the amount of attention and time to him that he deserves. I'm moving to an apartment with very little space, and I just can't keep him locked on a patio for 9 - 10 hours a day while I work, he deserves better than that! He's going to need some retraining, but he is very eager to please. I hope that you consider him, you wont regret adding him to your family. Sammy needs to be in a single pet home.   Please contact owner Natalie if you are interested in Sammy:  nsalaiz@hotmail.com  (Corona area)

Meet SEQUOIA!  She is a 1 year old spayed female Border Collie/ Aussie mix, about 50lbs.  Sequoia is a playful girl, she is very friendly with people, is good with most dogs, and loves to play ball. She is house trained, crate trained and knows most of her basic commands.  If you are interested in adopting Sequoia, please contact Aussie Rescue San Diego and complete an application at http://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication


is a 7 yr old neutered male blue merle Aussie in need of a new home due to child's severe allergies.  He is a very friendly boy, has been living with a 1 yr old child and has been fine, but he is mainly an outdoor dog, owner says he prefers that.  He rides okay in the car, okay on a leash - likes walks, he has been an only dog, occasionally sees other dogs on walks and may bark at them, but that's been it.  He did live with a cat for awhile and seem to be fine.  If you are interested in Sam, please contact owner Kristin @ 951-331-0769  (Temecula area)  (9-13)                                                                                                   

"DASH" is a 4 yr old neutered blue merle male Aussie - owner says he is a mini, but weighs about 40 pounds.  He is housebroken and crate trained, LOVES water, likes to play ball/fetch, very energetic, knows some basic obedience and a few tricks, easy to train, is a friendly boy, no problem meeting people, good with kids, no idea on cats, but he is not good with other dogs!  He can be very difficult to take on walks if there are other dogs around, some dogs he can be okay with, but he can be aggressively protective of his humans with other dogs, even if he knows the other dog, so he needs to be an only dog.  If you are interested in Dash, please contact owner Terry via email: top_speed@sbcglobal.net  or call: 661-644-2580  (Saugus area)  (10-8)



 This energetic senior purebred mini-Aussie is "Rocket," aptly named, in foster with Aussie Rescue So Cal.  Rocket is 13 years old going on 7 or 8.  He's energetic and active, enjoys long walks, and is ready to keep you company throughout the day.  At 30 lbs. he is a good size -- big enough to jump into a car or onto my bed (even at his age!), yet medium sized if you don't have a big house.   Rocket is relaxed around dogs and mostly ignores cats, although now and again he decides to herd mine! He's friendly with people of all ages too.  Rocket is housebroken, great in the car, good on leash, and an all around great dog, despite his years.  If you are looking for a senior with spunk, he might be just your guy!  If you are interested in Rocket, please email Lee at k9krma@gmail.com for more information.  Aussie Rescue So Cal does require that you complete our adoption application before meeting him, to be sure that you and he are a good 'match.'  (fostered in Santa Barbara)  (10-8)



is a 4 year old neutered male Aussie (DOB: 9.13.09), looks like a black tri but does have a patch of blue merle on him so technically is a blue merle  :]  he has one blue eye and one brown.  He loves other dogs, especially small fluffy ones, fine with cats, is housebroken and crate trained, very affectionate and great company once he bonds to you - but he is a VERY fearful of people,  petrified of small children,  skateboards, basketball and baseballs -  he has never bitten, but may panic in some situations and try and get away/bolt. He does know a few commands, has been on a leash and okay as long as he doesn't get frightened and panic. He LOVES the beach!!  Best to take him to an isolated beach.  Contact:  lmlamon120@gmail.com  (Ventura area)  (9-8)

"RED" is a wonderful, happy, 7 yr old neutered male red tri Aussie...he wants to be with you and loves attention.  Red is epileptic and requires medication three times a day, his condition is quite stable when his meds are given on time every day, so probably best with an owner that is familiar with the medical care needed.  He is good with kids, but because of the possibility of seizures, best not to be living with small children.  Although this does require care, he is well worth it  :]  He is very personable, loves to mingle at the dog beach, great with other dogs, has been around horses some and shows no fear of them, don't know about cats but given his personality, probably could be worked with enough to be okay.  He is a friendly boy, knows basic commands and a few tricks like shake and bang bang.  He does have a very heavy coat and will need regular grooming to keep it up.  Red is a big boy and does carry a bit of extra weight, probably due to the meds he is on, but you won't meet a happier natured Aussie!  If you are experienced and familiar with the care Red needs, and are interested in adopting him, please fill out our adoption application and email it to Karyl (fostered in Huntington Beach)  (9-8)

"MAGGIE" is a 7 year old spayed red tri female Australian Shepherd looking for a loving home.  She is loving and loyal, loves the outdoors and enjoys regular walks, playing ball and frisbee, and romps in the ocean.  She is patient with children and loves other dogs but would be best in a home without either.  She is housebroken and up to date on all vaccinations.  She is good on long car rides up to the mountains for hikes and camping.  She stays close when off leash and is very well behaved when on leash. We’ve moved from a house to a condo and have an infant and a 2 year old...so we just can’t give her what she needs right now.  If you are interested in this beautiful girl, please contact owner Sara:  saraclarab@gmail.com   or (949)573-0618  (Orange Co)

is an 11 month old neutered black tri male Aussie.  He is housebroken and crate trained, and has had some basic obedience training.  He was relinquished to Jo, who taught his basic obedience class, because he started excessively barking, and possible nipping if pushed, at strangers and was getting quite protective of their new female dog when at the dog park together.  He had been fine at the dog park up until the owners had gotten the new dog, and did get along fine with the new dog.  Jo says if he's given 24 hours, he has adjusted okay with strangers, but Bruiser will need socialization, training, continued confidence building, and a relatively quiet household with someone that has the time and experience to invest in him.  He has been fine with her 12 yr old grandaughter - it's just meeting strangers at first.  If you are interested in Bruiser, please contact Jo @ 714-418-6317 or email: mypuppysperfect@gmail.com   (8-16)


is a 4 yr old neutered red tri male mini Aussie, weighing about 25-30 pounds - he is of similar size to a Cavalier Spaniel, but heavier.  He is a very sweet boy but is reserved with strangers at first, not aggressive just may hide, has been okay with the grandkids, not afraid of them, but does not live with any full time.  He is an outdoor dog primarily but does sleep in a crate at night fine, okay riding in the car, pulls a little on the leash when out for walks, but not bad.  He is okay with some dogs, but not all, they think he might do best as an only dog as he does want most of the attention from his people!  He can be a bit bossy with other dogs, isn't interested in playing with them, his best bud is a very docile male Cavalier Spaniel - they just hang out together  :]   He is an energetic boy and would love to get more exercise and attention from his humans.  If you are interested in Auzzie, please contact owner Kathy at 714-315-9866  (South Orange Co area)   (8-16)


is a 10 year old lady that is looking for a new home that doesn't have small dogs.  She did originally live with a male Aussie and was fine, but is becoming more aggressive to the small dogs in the household.  She is spayed, fine with kids, has been around 6 year olds and up,  not been around cats though.  She is crate trained and housebroken, used to being outside by herself during the day, she loves walks and will grab the leash in her mouth and bring it to you to “hint” for one  :]  Sophie has a great personality and she LOVES the pool, but stays in the shallow end.   If you are interested in giving this beautiful girl a new home, please contact owner Marcie @ 951-894-6043 or David @ 951-440-2501    (Murrieta area)  (8-19)


"AUSSIE" is a gentle, loving girl, about 4-5 years old, who was found walking the rural roads of the High Desert area three years ago.  She loves lots of "people time", with plenty of tummy scratches and back rubs! She would be very good with children who are at least 8 years old. She has even been open and accepting of strangers. She lives peacefully with other dogs and our two house cats, but her current relationship with her "sister" has gone bad, so we are looking for a new home.  She knows basic commands such as "sit" "stay" and "no".  She has been spayed.  Her herding instinct is strong; it's not known whether she's had exposure to livestock, but given her tendencies, it's a good guess she'd make a great herder with some training.  She'd be happiest in a home where she would be the only dog, with lots of attention and stimulation.  Ranchers/Farmers/ Large Property Owners with Fenced Property-this is your dog!   If you are interested in this lovely girl, please contact owner Jessica via email: mommydrums@yahoo.com  (Victorville area)




"SPUNKY" is a 2 1/2 year old male Aussie/Heeler mix. He is up to date on shots, neutered and in good health. Spunky is reported to be good with young kids, other dogs, and will herd chickens to coop. He needs a new home ASAP because his family has to move and cannot take him. If you can help Spunky, please contact owner Nick at 619-504-0493. (10-16)

"FREIDA"  Meet "Freida," a sweet old lady who came in stray to the Santa Barbara County shelter and who is now in foster with Aussie Rescue So Cal.
Freida is a great old girl.  She's creaky, but not slow -- she loves a good leash walk, and will play a bit of fetch with a toy or a ball, given the slightest chance.  She's pretty chill around dogs and ignores cats; and she seems to like all people.  Whoever lost her is missing out on a great senior!  Freida is definitely pretty old, maybe 13-14 years.  She's in good enough health overall, although skinny and a little arthritic.  But she's not down and out yet!  She is housebroken, quiet, and easy to have around.  If you want to give a great senior dog a wonderful last stretch of life, consider this one!  If you are interested in Freida, please email Lee at k9krma@gmail.com for more information.  Aussie Rescue So Cal does require that you complete our adoption application before meeting her, to be sure that you and she are a good 'match.' (10-8)


"RUFUS" is a 3 year old male Australian Shepherd mix (mom was Australian but dad is unknown). He loves people but should be in a home with no small children. Rufus loves walks, runs, hikes, going to the beach, riding in cars, playing fetch, and running along side of a bike. He has lived with cats and tends to chase/annoy them but he could be trained not to do this. He is neutered and up to date on all shots... just waiting for a loving home!
Also, we would like to offer to pay for training classes for Rufus and his new family to help them get off to a good start together.
Please contact Jenna @ 661-599-1102. (Santa Barbara / Ventura county area)   (10-09)

"DAX" is an 8 year-old Border Collie/Australian Sheppard mix.  Dax comes from a home where he has been doted on and he returned the love. His hobbies include: car rides, taking walks and playing ball.  He’s equally good at lounging around.  He’s been a wonderful companion and is seeking a new home because his current owner’s living situation has drastically changed.  Dax is kennel trained and has lived with cats and other dogs.  However, his ideal living situation is a moderately active—at-home-a- lot—person where he can be the star of the show.   While he gets along with cats and other dogs, he doesn’t like to share food.  He has never received training around his food aggression so with some effort this may not be a problem.    He has a flea allergy that requires oral treatment with Trifexus flea medication monthly and occasionally has problems with ear infections.  His owner thinks he'd make another owner a great walking/hiking companion and is willing to fund the Trifexus flea medication to the next owner or foster parent.  If you are interested in Dax, please contact Lexi @ 707-974-1597 or 707-527-8217  or Email: lexi@tuckertreeconsulting.com.  (10-9)


- approx. 11 months old, Australian Shepherd (possible mix), spayed, shots up to date, 45 lbs
We stumbled upon this sweet, wiggly-butt, ball of energy and have been fostering her for the last 4 months. She is ready to find the perfect forever home! Molly loves to play outdoors, chase balls, toys and run to her hearts content. An ideal home would have lots of outdoor space for her to play and run, and a comfy indoor bed near her humans (that she adorably loves to follow around). She loves other dogs, but any other dogs at home MUST be able to put up with or match her playfulness. A buddy of a similar breed and energy would be wonderful for her. She has not encountered other animals yet. She is incredibly intelligent and active- loves the park, chewing raw bones and walking/jogging on leash. She even does dog puzzles! She is crate trained and knows most basic commands. She is not a good pup for a home with small children. We love this gal and wish we could continue to give her the time and energy she so deserves. Molly is an amazing, loving dog that has potential to do great things in the dog world.  Contact: Gwendolyncarole@gmail.com  or 480-861-5453   (San Fernando Valley- Sherman Oaks area)  (9-10)

"MAGGIE" is a spayed female Aussie x Chow mix, 6.5 yrs old, healthy and current on shots.  She does know some basic obedience, and is fine around children as long as they don't try to give her bear hugs, pull her tail, etc - she has nipped at a child that was smothering her - so older kids are better.
Maggie is fine at doggie day care but around her home and people, she can be protective, depends on how the other dog is reacting.  If you are interested in Miss Maggie, please contact owner Rory:  roryarussell@yahoo.com

HE-MAN is a 6 year old neutered male, possible Aussie mix, originally adopted out of a shelter, but unfortunately, due to unforeseen financial hardship, his owner needs to move out of their home and cannot take him with them.  He is very playful and full of life, he is crate trained and housebroken, but primarily an outdoor dog.  He is good around the kids he lives with, has lived with a kitten and was fine, has been fine around other dogs - may bark at ones he sees walking down the street, but more curious and excited than anything.                                            (8-19)
Please contact owner Jessica @ 626-251-5171 or email: jaiceeregion23@yahoo.com

"DIXIE" is a 15 month old spayed female Aussie x Cattle Dog mix. She is in need of a new home as her owners moved away and didn't take her with them - fortunately her neighbors are very kind, dog loving people, and they contacting our rescue.  She is housebroken, good with other dogs, has lived with an older female Cattle dog with no problem, as well as has been okay at the dog park. She does chase cats, has been okay meeting kids but has not lived with any. She's a little reserved at first meeting strangers, but does warm up, she is housebroken and crate trained. Dixie hadn't had much done with her in her previous home, so continued socialization and training is needed, she is a very sweet girl and well worth the effort.  If you are interested in Miss Dixie, please contact Karyl @ 951-961-7575 or email: aussierescuesocal@earthlink.net


This is ABBEY.  I rescued her out of the Downey Animal Shelter in South Gate about a month ago with the intention of finding her a good home.  She's 17 lbs., 11 months old, spayed and up to date on all vaccinations, people- and dog-friendly.  I've been told she could be a mini Aussie or mini Aussie mix.  She is a special-needs dog.   When I saw her at the shelter, I didn't notice that she didn't wag her tail at all.  Once I got her home, I realized there was a problem as she is both fecal and urine incontinent.  An x-ray revealed a total separation of her tail from her spinal column.  The vet suggested that possibly someone pulled her tail so hard that it became separated.  A neurologist recommended amputating the tail to prevent further damage to the nerves, which I had done about 3 weeks ago.  Because Abbey is able to hold both urine and feces overnight, the neurologist said that there is a "reasonable chance" that she will someday regain control.  However, he could not say when.   As time has gone by I have come to find that Abbey is definitely  incontinent.  No, she is not paralyzed, but she has little feeling around her anus area (according to the vet).  Abbey is actually very active and happy -- you would never guess that anything was wrong!  If you are interested in this beautiful little girl, please contact her rescuer Sharon at: sharongolding@gmail.com or call:  562-307-0004.    
Sharon  adds that Abbey LOVES other dogs and toys.  She plays with my BC mix (who weighs more than 3 times her size) all the time.  My little dogs are not as interested in playing with her, but they will occasionally.  They prefer to play with each other.  Really such a nice dog.  And no problem with putting on her diaper.  She waits outside while I put it on. (8-16))

"BENTLEY" is a 2 yr old neutered male aussie/border collie mix who is deaf.  He is housebroken and loves car rides.  Bentley is very well behaved in the house and he is a super loyal boy.  He is great with people and has done fine with other dogs.  Contact rescuer Megan if you are interested in this great boy:  collectinaussies@yahoo.com

Our best guess is "Lola & Lily" are Heeler/Border Collie mixes.   Lola and her daughter Lily were due to be euthanized but were rescued just in time from rescued from the Bakersfield shelter.  The story we got, their guardian had gone to jail and they ended up at the shelter.  VERY smart gilrs they also have that Heeler energy and a bit of anxiety meeting new people.  With patience, they are both loving, loyal girls.  Lola is very She eager to learn and please.  Lily being pure white is deaf and relies on Lola for guidance so we prefer not to separate them.   Both girls would be best suited for a home who can provide Lola plenty of exercise and training.

Both girls are spayed, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped.  We beleive a well trained dog is a happy dog. Therefore, training will be required to ensure they remain well mannered and happy.

For adoption consideration, please contact Mutt Match LA at either  muttmatchla@aol.com   or call 323-839-2980     (12-12)

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This is a partial list of the Aussies available in foster homes and private homes in the the Southern California area.

For a regularly updated listing of Australian Shepherds in Southern California shelters, please go to our shelter listing at Aussies in Shelters

Southern California Representatives

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San Bernardino & Riverside Counties - (909 & 951) // Los Angeles County - (213, 323, 310, 661) // Ventura County - (805):  E-mail

Los Angeles County - area codes 818, 626  E-mail

Geri Dimeglio  (San Diego County - area codes 619, 760, 858)  call: 720.684.9298 or  E-mail

Laurie Zurborg (Orange County - area codes 562, 714, 949) E-mail.

Or call a national Aussie Rescue org:
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