Lost and Found

The listings below are as up to date as possible with the information we receive. If you have any information on a listing to provide owner, please contact using the listing information. If there is no method of contact for some reason on the listing for contact information, please contact us. If your post needs updating such as new information or your dog was recovered, please let us know so we can update the listing. If you need to post a dog on this list please contact us with your detailed listing information.

Found AussieFound -

10/5/2019 - FOUND AUSSIE in Mission Grove area of Riverside on evening of October 1st - Adult, no chip, collar but no tag, please text 951-733-5225 if you recognize!


Red merle male with blue eyes. "Our family is devastated. He has gone since 1/17/19. REWARD $500 If Found & Returned. Please help us 🙏"

Last seen on Trask & Magnolia (In & Out Burger) in Garden Grove. He could be anywhere now - please call (714) 390-2498 if you have seen him!!

Posted 10-24-2016

lostdog_Sully_w_ErinLOST -
Missing in Southern California. Please help us find our beloved Sullivan! He went missing from our home in West Covina, California on Thanksgiving Day. He is about 22 pounds, with a slender frame and a stub tail (not cropped, born with stub only, so it wags slowly). His shape and fur both have the characteristics of the herding lines of Aussies. His color pattern resembles a red-tri, but the "red" fur is brown, and his nose is black. He turns 8 next Friday, and we miss him terribly! Please share his info with your friends. More photos and updates on his FB page: www.facebook.com/BringSullyHome.

Posted 12-10-2015

lostdog_Tugger_w_ShashiLOST -
Red tri male Aussie ran away due to fireworks on the 4th, Pacific Palisades area, he was wearing a Red canvas collar and a blue bandana with red stars around his neck. if you have seen him, please contact owner Shashi @ 310-570-3361 or shashi62@live.com

Posted 7-4-2015

found_BTM_w_ElianeFOUND -
found on the street in Culver City on June 23, 2015. Please contact (310) 621-6218 if you have any information on where this kid belongs.

found_RT_w_KathyFOUND -
This Red Tri was found in Canyon Country (Santa Clarita) in the Fair Oaks Community on Saturday January 3rd. No collar, tags or chip, seems well mannered. If this is your dog or know who's it is, please contact Kathy: mollybuddy@ca.rr.com and give details to identify (sex, approx age, weight, etc).

since July 18th, 2014 - 8 month old blue merle mini Aussie named Barbara, vicinity of Valley View/Tiffany in Garden Grove, CA - please contact Kelsey @ (714) 767-1192

since June 27th, 2014 - 6 year old red merle male Australian Shepherd with full tail - 100 pounds, lost in the vicinity of Seabeck Ave, Bakersfield. If you have seen him or have any information about him, please contact Crystal at 661-706-2474.

3-2014 - black tri female found in the Anza area - contact Karen: nors.karen@yahoo.com or call 951 763 4601

lostdog_RMF_SienawSerigoLOST -
December 27, 2013 - this red merle adult female got out of her yard in the course of moving - she is very sweet, friendly and well behaved. Please keep an eye out for her, her owner is devastated as well as her canine buddy! If you know anything about her whereabouts, please contact owner Sergio @ 818-571-0770 - North Hollywood area.

lostdog_Levi_w_BobbieLOST -
Levi ran away on August 30th because of the thunderstorms. He is a black tri, unaltered male. Levi is 12 yrs old and has problems getting up easily. Vicinity of Evans and Orange in Perris. If you have seen him, please contact Bobbie @ 951-522-5147 or email: mulelady5@gmail.com (2013)

foundRTM_w_RobinFOUND -
This older gentleman was found running the streets of Encino with no id on, if anyone knows who he belongs to, please contact Robin at yournetisgross@aol.com (9-2013)

founddogs_w_EricFordFOUND -
These 2 pooches were found running loose in the Whittier area on Sunday, 4-21-13. If you know where these 2 belong, please email Eric: e.ford.la@gmail.com

lostdog_BMM_w_FranLOST -
Saturday, November 24th, 2012 - 7 year old neutered blue merle mini male, 28 pounds, one blue/one brown eye, has collar and harness with tags on. Taken from campsite near the Cal City prison while camping. $1,000.00 Reward - contact Fran at (310) 245-5626).

lostdog_Cooper1_w_JanetLOST -
Aussie in Sherman Oaks area - click on picture of more info - 818-486-6895

lostdog_BMF_w_LinziLOST -
MISSING SINCE 8/21/12 AUSSIE SHEP IN PACIFIC PALISADES! $1,000 REWARD. Owner is overseas and is devastated. NALA is a two year old female, chipped but no collar. Friendly and well trained. Please cross post and contact linzi@theforgottendog.org or (310) 990-2020 if you have seen this dog - Thanks!

lostdog_RMM_craigslistLOST -

June/July 2012 -
Please help me find my baby! My dad left my 14 yr old Australian Shepherd at his friends house while we were looking for a new home to move into and his friend moved without us knowing and took off with my dog! She was believed to be last seen in Fontana around Foothill and Valencia, but now she could be anywhere! her name is Neon, she has different colored eyes - one blue and one brown. Her coat is very thick containing brown and white (red merle). She's getting old and needs her special care for her arthritis! She needs to be home with me, please help! $200 reward!!! contact Jessi at 909-252-8650

lostdog_LincolnLOST -
black/brown Australian Shepherd - REWARD (Fountain Valley) - June 2012
Last seen 6/29/12 around 7-8 pm in Fountain Valley.

Black/brown, 6 years old, 25 lb, medium size
I live close to Mile Square Park, but have had no luck at the park or the shelter. I've been looking daily.
If you see a dog fitting this description in your area, please email me: bwgnc-3116851679@comm.craigslist.org or reach me on www.facebook.com/lincolnmissing

Finnegan_wkarylLOST -
12-2011 - Finnegan is an 18 pound neutered male Red Merle that is LOST! He was last seen on Kerri Lane in Ramona CA - he is very very very shy of people, has his leash, collar and tags on, and he is microchipped - if you see him, please call Karyl @ 951-961-7575 or Anita @ 760-244-6653Finnegan_head1

lostdog_Blue_wJenniferLOST -
April 14, 2012 - Red merle male Mini with blue eyes, about 30 pounds, 8 months old, lost in the Rosemead CA area - please contact owner Jennifer at 760-637-7651 if you have seen him!!

January 25, 2012 - Shelby is a 2 yr old spayed red merle female lost in the Selma/Del Rey/Parlier/Sanger area - please call 559-917-5142 or 559-917-2195 if you have any information about her! Click here to see a flyer for her with more pictures: Shelby_lost_poster

lostdog_Daisy_w_CeciliaLOST -
January 21, 2012 - Daisy is a 13 year old blue merle female Aussie x Border Collie with blue eyes - she was last seen between Cal City and Randsberg just off Randsberg Road. She is a very smart girl and takes her collar all the time so it maybe gone. Reward will be given for her safe return!! Please call 310-283-8715.

lostdog_Boochie_w_ArleneLOST -
December 2011 - "Boochie" is an adult blue merle male, missing from near the Target in Eagle Rock - if you have seen him, please contact owner Arlene at a_leigh_n@yahoo.com or call 323 683 7311

July 2, 2011 - Simi Valley area. Young adult male Aussie was found - if you think you may be his owner, please contact Mark @ 818-429-0016 or Diana @ 805-801-8994

January 12, 2011 - "Doc"- Blue merle male, 3 yrs old, medium size; missing from his backyard in Topanga, CA....could have wandered in either direction of home in the mountains, so PCH, Woodland Hills, Malibu are possibles. If you have seen him or have any info on his whereabouts, please contact owner Heidi @ 310 455 2434 or 310 409 9772.

July 27 2009 - "MOLLY" - Red tri spayed female mini, 2 years old, from Vista CA area. She's about 30 lbs, dark red brown with white collar, copper legs with some on face. Call 760 744 1675, or 760 672 1675 - Reward Offered - ask for Bill Or Jill.

Sadie_BCx_headLOST -
on 6-24-08 - Sadie, a Border Collie mix spayed female, got out of her home in the San Diego area - she was last seen near the Mira Mar Air base area - if you see her, please call 858-583-2951 or 951-961-7575

lostdog_Charlie_w_SteveLOST -
Australian Shepherd in the Solana Beach, Calif. area. ' Charlie' is a male, blue merle, 45 lbs, purple collar with tag which may have fallen off. Seen around the executive golf course in Solana Beach. He is a rescue, taken from an abusive breeder and he is afraid of loud noises - popping especially, children, men with deep voices, mad exclamations. Call to and approach gently. Please call with sightings and try to catch and hold. Thanks 530-318-8218

lostdog_Oslo_w_CarrieLOST -
on 8/25/08 - Oslo is a black tri-color mini aussie, 20 pounds and about 10 months old. He is wearing a blue harness and a grey collar with his name and owner's phone number on it. He escaped from his backyard and he just moved to Oceanside and so not familiar with the area. His family misses him terribly!! Please email Carrie at carriestone106@gmail.com if you have any information. Thank you!!

lostdog_Mia_w_RaggaLOST -
"Aussie Mutt" (one blue eye, one brown) (Silver Lake - Koreatown) "My dog ran away Saturday night from a friends house around Hoover and Melrose. Her name is Mia, she's a medium sized Aussie mix with one blue eye and one brown. She didn't have her collar on with her name tag. If you find her please return her to us, we love her very much and she needs us. If you find her or have any information of where she might be, please call 213.446.3682" 6/7/2008

lostdog_RemyLOST -
$$ REWARD $$
Have you seen REMY?
Aussie puppy with black, white chest/feet, copper markings and tail. Last seen off Faraday in Carlsbad.
Please call (760) 672-5585 or (760) 434-6708

lostdog_Buzz_w_TerriMISSING -
Dog "Buzz Lightyear" is a 6 year old blue merle male, approximately 80lbs, with brown eyes w/fleck of blue. He is missing from Strathmore area, 1/4 mile from highway 65. If you have any information about him, please contact Terri via e-mail

lostdog_Buddy_w_JanieMISSING -
Dog June 2006 - "Buddy has been missing since the thunderstorms the other day. Someone in the area said they thought they saw somebody put him in their truck and drive away with him. He has a red collar with tags and has a microchip. He is a 5 year old neutered male black tri, about 60 pounds. Please keep your eyes and ears open for him." Missing from San Marcos, CA. Contact Janie at 760-591-9560.

Dog "Murphy" Microchipped Mini Aussie Shep - Missing Since Tuesday 6/26. 2 years old ? only 13 lbs - Murphy is a bit skittish. He lives at 4912 W. 139th. Street, Hawthorne, Intersection of Inglewood and Rosecrans
Contact:Tami @ Work 310-468-3691 or Cell 310-308-2397 or Home 310-679-9615
Contact: Ron @ Work 310-644-1006 or Cell 310-962-5570 or Home 310-679-9615

lostdog_Tyrone_w_ArleneLOST -
Dog Blue merle neutered male lost in mid-May in the Barstow, CA area; friendly boy, blue eyes, pink nose, red collar and tag on - if you have seen this boy, please contact Arlene @ 760-590-7609 or 949-633-5950. Click here to see a flyer on him

lostdog_Sam_w_SherryLOST - 
Dog October 17, 2006 - Lost in the Chino area, last seen at Chino Hills marketplace - "Sam" is a 2 yr old spayed blue merle female, Aussie x Border Collie mix. She was wearing her tags at the time, her right eye is blue with some brown, her left eye is brown with a tiny blue spot. If you have any information about this girl, please contact Sherry via e-mail or call 909-590-5745 or 562-458-4575.

"Treasure", a 2 year old Red Merle Male mini. Lost on Sunday, November 27. He is wearing a collar and tag. One brown eye and one 1/2 brown and 1/2 blue. Lost in the Sylmar area. Please contact Cindy via email if you have any information about him!

lost_BMF_w_KelliMISSING -
from Sylmar area, cross streets of Glenoaks and Bledsoe - Blue merle female, about 1 year old, 35#, 2 blue eyes, got out of yard on October 30, 2004.....she doesn't like to be left alone 🙁 if you have any information on her, please contact Kelli at 818-364-8751 or cell phone 818-472-2943 or 818-800-0248