Courtesy Listings

With the Courtesy Listings, each dog will have a specific contact person listed for interested parties to contact for more information. Other rescues will have their own adoption requirements some of which may vary from ours. Courtesy Listings for private parties are merely a referral, we make no guarantees on them and are relying on the owner to provide accurate information, it is up to the interested parties to determine if it is the right match for them. We do not help them sell their dog, but we do require that the dog be altered before we will post it to our site so the owner may ask for reimbursement of that cost, if it was done to meet our requirements. Any placement/home requirements for these dogs are up to their owner.

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"KUMA" is an 8 yr old neutered black tri male Aussie. He is housebroken, uses a doggie door, rides well in the car, and enjoys playing fetch/ball. He is a friendly boy, has been fine with his current owner's 11 yr old grandson, don't know about cats. He is NOT good with other dogs, he does lunge at them while out on walks and pulled his elderly owner into a telephone pole, injuring her (if no dogs are around, he walks well on the leash). She does have a dog walker take him out now, but he is also becoming very protective of her and he is just too strong for her to handle, he's been resource guarding some of her belongings and she is unable to stop him. His prior owner passed away 2 years ago, and that is when his current owner took him in, and unfortunately she is unable to take care of him herself now. If you are able to give Kuma a loving him, please contact Mickie at (Manhattan Beach area)


Seeking loving, patient home for Austin the dog, a special Aussie mix. Austin is almost 8 yrs old (turns 8 yrs on June 2018). He is neutered and house-broken, and responds to basic commands like sit, down, paw, shake, and come (and sometimes high-five!) He is generally an indoor dog and leaves the place without any wear and tear, but he definitely enjoys time outside and could function as both an indoor dog, outdoor dog or mix of both. He gets along well with other dogs (I also have a coonhound and have exposed him to many other dogs, he does best if the other dog is not an alpha type). Generally, he seems disinterested in cats but there has not been enough exposure to know how he’d react either way. Austin was rescued from a kill shelter as a puppy, and he has some trust issues that need to be re-established. He has biten one person who pet him, and this was because he did not know the person and had not warmed to them. Often he will bark and growl if he feels threatened. I generally ask all people either not to pet him or to pet him carefully and on his terms (hands undercupped, letting him be the one to approach). To me, he’s been special and sweet and loving, and gets along great with our other dog and my now husband (who won him over with a couple of walks outside). We now have a newborn and need to look for other alternatives as we don’t know how he’d react to a toddler petting him or doing something he didn’t like. He would do best with a patient, kind and attentive single person who wants to help build trust with him or a family without kids, with or without other dogs in the house. We live in Sacramento but have family in Southern CA and would drive for the right family who is seriously considering adoption. Feel free to reach me at if you have questions or want to consider adopting Austin.

Doc Holliday

 "DOC HOLLIDAY", 18 month old, Male, Australian Shepard mix, 31 Lbs, neutered, up to date vaccinations, microchipped.
Doc is a the most loving and loyal puppy. His favorite place to be is cuddling and kissing with the people that he loves. He loves to play, run and go on long walks. While he loves to get out his energy outside, he is also completely content napping and resting inside throughout the day. He is very smart and is easily trainable. He is house trained and does not mark with his urine. He knows basic commands- sit, lay, stay, come, wait, say hi, and shake. If you have the time , you can teach him a bunch of cute tricks. He is highly food motivated, which makes him easy to train. He is a good guard dog, he will bark when people come to the door, but will quiet down with your command. Doc also loves playing with other dogs. He does very well when introduced to other dogs properly. He does better with smaller dogs who are younger and as playful as he is. If going to a home with another dog, they will have to have play date first. He has never met a cat. Doc is a happy-go-lucky dog when he is in comfortable situations. However, he does have anxiety when he is uncomfortable. He cannot be in a home with children because they are unpredictable and make him nervous. He is also uncomfortable around strangers. He has never bit anyone, but he does exhibit fear-aggressive barking and jumping toward strangers if they approach him. He is able to be around people when his owner has control of the situation, such as on walks or with a few visitors to the house. We have enlisted a behaviorist, trainer, dog whisperer and veterinarian, all of which stated that he does best in predictable situations and cannot be approached or pet by strangers. He is left alone in the house, but not for long periods of time. His current owners take him to a doggy day care when they are at work. He gets anxious when left alone and will howl, however if left with another dog will feel more comfortable and will not howl. He would do best with owners who will spend most of their time with him or take him to doggy day care. Doc’s current owners are having a child, so they reluctantly have to find him a new forever home. They want him to go to a home where the new owner will have the time and love for Doc. He will take some time to warm up to his new owner due to his anxiety, however he will be the best companion dog for the right owner who lives the lifestyle that he thrives in. If you are interested in Doc, please fill out ARSC's adopt app and it will be forwarded to his owners: (Lake Forest area)


"IVY" is a beautiful spayed female blue merle Aussie, about 7 yrs old, and about 45 pounds. She is housebroken, is primarily used to being loose indoors, is a high energy girl and enjoys playing frisbee/catch. She does pull on the leash when walked and can be very barky when strangers come over, so some training/work on that would be a good idea. She is NOT good with young children, cats or other female dogs, not sure about male dogs. She has nipped the owner's 3 yr old granddaughter, who is now living with her, on the face, so thus the need for a new home for Ivy as soon as possible, before it becomes a bite situation. If you are interested, please contact her owner Sue via email: (La Palma)


"GABE" is a very fast energetic puppy! He was rescued from a commercial breeding operation and is now learning about real life. Gabe is fearful and will flee when scared. He calms down with clear guidance and patience. Gabe is friendly and can be handled and he settles sweetly. He needs a calm, routine based home where he can grow up to be a good boy. Variety is not what this boy needs. He is not a candidate for someone who wants to visit dog parks or take their dog everywhere. Secure fenced yard is required for this boy. If you are interested in adopting Gabe, please fill out our adoption application


"MABEL" is 34 pounds of sunny disposition. She is about 12-18 months old, possibly a Kelpie, McNab, Border Collie...? Mix of any or all three, who knows? She is an affectionate people oriented dog. She has lovely house manners, is affectionate and cuddly but not needy and settles beautifully. She is housebroken, crate trained and has basic obedience skills. She doesn’t whine and responds well to corrections. She is still puppy-ish so there is chewing or digging if she isn’t kept busy. NO CATS or critters – she has an amazing prey drive! She will require mental and physical stimulation – she is obsessed with retrieving a ball - but her physical condition from the abuse she sustained prior to rescue would likely prevent her from extended exertion in competition sports (i.e, no day-long hiking, agility/flyball, etc). Her forever home must have the ability to discern how much physical activity she can manage without causing herself pain or soreness and make her take breaks as necessary. Visit her FACEBOOK page “Mabel The Coalinga Rescue Dog” to learn about her journey from the oil fields in Coalinga, CA to the good life in the San Fernando Valley. You can also see her at: . If you think you would like to make Mabel a part of your home for the rest of her life, please go to - you can submit an Application to Adopt at the website and we will contact you for a phone interview. Her placement is not first come first served. We will be attempting to match her to the perfect home. If you would like to donate to Mabel’s on-going medical bills (over $2,000 to date) you may do so at Adopt Me Rescue’s PayPal link at


"KATIE", Female, 1 year old, Australian Shepherd, 38lbs

Katie is a strong girl. She does everything with alot of gusto! While she has been around kids, livestock and other dogs, we are recommending that she not be placed with any in her new home until she learns to control herself. Katie can be mouthy and often jumps up. It was reported by her owner that she punctures other dogs/goats while playing with them...she likes them but plays rough and doesn't know her own strength. Katie was recently spayed and is practicing her basic training skills. She has been very good and learns easily. If you are interested in adopting Katie and can help her learn self control, please complete an adoption application


"MYSTIC"  7 1/2 years old, Female, AustralianShepherd, small, 39lbs

Mystic was recently rescued from a commercial breeding operation. She is in our rehab program where she is learning to not be so afraid and anxious. Because her world has changed so much, she needs consistency. Poor girl is trying to figure out how to be a fun loving dog. Mystic has had a full dental and Is spayed. She is available to a home committed to working with a fearful dog.


"TRUDY" 8 1/2 years old, Female, Australian Shepherd, mini 33lbs
Trudy was recently rescued from a commercial breeding operation. She has been in our rehab program learning to be comfortable with everyday noises and situations. She loves to lay on her bed when visiting with volunteers and is enjoying being brushed and pet. Trudy needs a full dental and spay. She is available for adoption to a home.


"Stella" 4 year old, Female Border collie, 31 lbs

Stella is a great girl ❤ She loves to help her person do ANY thing! She is a border collie... Stella wants someone with a sense of humor and who can give her stuff to do even if just tagging along during the day. She may be scared of traffic, lots of new people, or loud noises so her owner will need to be patient and understanding. She does recover fast. She has been good with her foster siblings, unknown with cats and kids. If you would like to adopt Stella, please fill out an adoption application…/adoptionapplication/


"MoJo" is a 1 1/2 year old cattle dog mix with great energy and enthusiasm. He is learning his obedience and, with training, would make a great family dog.



"PARIS" is a 7 1/2 month old female Aussie mix 45-50 lbs. Paris is playful and loves playing fetch. She’s house trained, spayed, good with other dogs and children. She’s obedient and intelligent. Owner had to move out of state and wasn’t able to take her so seeking a companion or family home. Contact Jessica at for more info.  (2-16)



"BEAU" is a neutered male Australian Cattle Dog Mix, he is 2.5 years old, fixed and current on shots (2/2/2018). Beau is a great dog, but has a very high energy level and some anxiety issues. He needs to be on a property with a lot of land and/or with an owner that is home more often. I walk and take Beau to the dog park as often as I can, but he still has a tremendous amount of energy. Beau does pretty well with other dogs although he can get nervous around large dogs. He has a companion dog with which he gets along well (my 4 year old Chihuahua mix Scooter). Beau has not shown aggression towards people except when I have taken him to the vet. However, he can be skittish around new people. He has received training and knows his basic commands. If you are interested in Beau, please contact owner Jaime at (Bakersfield area)  (2-23)


"GRACIE" needs a new home asap! Per owner, she is an Australian Shepherd / German Shepherd mix, about 75lbs. She is just over 1 year old, good with people and other dogs. Gracie can be fearful of men initially but warms up. She has also attended training classes. If you are interested in giving Gracie a  great home, please contact Jim at (951)219-1386. Let's help Gracie find a family who can give her the time, exercise and attention she needs ❤️


"COLT" needs a new home asap! He is not good with the other dogs he is living with. 
Per owner:
"Colt is an amazing, athletic, smart, eager to please dog who knows basic commands as well as functional ones like staying out of the kitchen. He needs a home with no other dogs and an owner who can make sure he is safe around other dogs. He loves to cuddle and would be  an ideal dog for a VERY active person who likes to hike and run. He runs 3-5 miles a day and gets out to play with a ChuckIt 2-3 times a day. He currently has 1/2 acre to run around and is on a raw diet due to skin allergies when I got him. He was neutered a little over a year ago in the hopes that it would minimize the aggression.  He is a happy and healthy dog outside of the aggression and I desperately want to find him a home that I feel he will be properly cared for. We  have a house cat whom he gets along with, they walk around together and sit near each other, though I never have them together unmonitored. Gets along great with kids, pukes in the car every time with or without food in his tummy"
Please contact Jenelle at 619)997-1439. Text is best. (1-26)