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Here is a collection of information we have gathered over the years. If you see broken links or want to add additional information, please Contact Us!

Aussie Rescue San Diego and Friends
Australian Shepherds Furever
• Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, Inc. (ARPH)
Milo Foundation in Northern California
North Bay Canine Rescue & Placement
NorCal Aussie Rescue
Animal Friends Rescue Project
Barry Brachman's National Rescue Photo Page
Southern California Online Rescue Directory
Aussie and Friends Rescue
Amazing Aussies (lethal white rescue of AZ)
Western Australian Shepherd Rescue
Utah Herding Breed Rescue
Australian Shepherd Rescue page
Mini Aussie Rescue and Support

Helpful Information:
Problem Solving -This information might save a dog from being relinquished
Whole Dog Journal -A monthly publication that is a complete guide to natural dog care and training - Highly Recommend it!
PuppyWire -Getting Your Home Ready for Your New Rescue Dog

Dog Clubs:
A.S.C.A. California Affiliate Clubs
Australian Shepherd Club of America
United States Australian Shepherd Association
American Kennel Club

Training Information:
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Karen Pryor Clicker Training
Suzanne Clothier's Dog Training
• Neat site with lots of training related products
Clicker Training Lessons - Offering step-by-step obedience lessons, regular as well as problem behaviors, for free, from the training school Greenwood Dog Training School in Delaware.
• Your Dog Advisor - A free, updated and comprehensive guide on how to use a clicker to train your dog.
Nothing In Life Is Free -Behavior modification training program, by Deb McKean.
Additional Trainers in the Southern California area
Positive and Effective Online Dog Training

Aussie Websites:
Aussie Pigmentation and Genetics

Agility information
NADAC Agility - Link to NADAC homepage
USDAA Agility - Link to USDAA homepage
AKC Agility - Link to AKC agility page
Clean Run - Link to the Clean Run homepage

Health Information
Alt Vet Med - Alternative, complimentary and holistic veterinary medicine
The Merck Veterinary Manual - online! check this out, great site!
The Senior Dogs Project - Groups specializing in senior dog rescue and offering sanctuary
Deaf Dog Education Action Fund - Excellent website helping deaf dogs, please check it out if you are living with or thinking of living with, a deaf dog!
It's For The Animals - Website by Helen McKinnon filled with natural care and resources - FANTASTIC SITE!
Cleaning Basics for Pets and Humans in the Home - Courtesy of Sarah's Girl Scout Troop in Tennessee - thank you ladies!
Guardian Angels -Info on Canine Epilepsy and Hypothyroidism
Health Problems and How to Care in Dogs - AWESOME information!!
NutriScan - Food Sensitivity & Intolerance Test with Hemopet
Hemolife Diagnostics with Hemopet - specializing in thyroid testing
K9 Carts - Wheelchairs for disabled pets with mobility issues
Vaccination Information - Side effects from your dog’s rabies vaccine

Travel and Housing Information
Pet-Friendly Travel Guide
Dog Friendly - This web site shows lodging, parks, beaches and recreation and restaurants that accepts dogs for all of California, as well as publishes U.S. and Canadian pet travel guides for dogs of ALL sizes & breeds.
Pet Planet Realty - The Pet Friendly, Eco-Friendly Realtor - 10% of profits go to animal charities
Guide to Homeowners Insurance for Dog Owners
Finding Pet-Friendly Rental Housing -Finding a rental property that accepts dogs
Million Mile Secrets -Guide to Train Travel With Pets – and Getting Rewarded for It!

Food and Feeding Information
Doggie Treat Recipes - Delicious!! Special dietary needs recipes also!
Dog Feeding Info - Top dry and canned foods from Whole Dog Journal, plus info on raw food diet and specialty diets
Dog Food Advisor - Information about dog food and recalls

Other information
Missing Pet Network
Dog Play - Fun site with a list of all the myriad things you can do with your dog for fun
K-9 Top Coat - Dog Coats, Dog Vests and Waterproof Dog Apparel - not only for keeping them warm and dry, but also have garments that are a barrier for skin allergies or wounds.
Coyote Rollers - have a dog jumping over the fence? or a problem with coyotes trying to jump in? check out this site!
Mutt Muffs - How loud is your cockpit? Protect your dog's hearing!
Compare Reviews for Pet Insurance

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