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The dogs listed below are up for adoption through Aussie Rescue SoCal. They may be in foster homes. Follow the specific contact information in the listing if interested in a dog that is listed. If there is no information listed for contact, use our Adoption Application to express interest. Please be sure to enter the dog's name that you're interested in the appropriate field.

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Duke Update! He’s a kennel favorite. Black Tri with 2 blue eyes. Approximately 3-4 years old. Husky/cattle dog/Aussie mix. SOOO smart, super sweet and loving. Like his sister, his fur is very fluffy. High energy, well mannered, loves to cuddle but isn't quite aware of his size. Might be good with older rather than younger kids as he tends to jump when he gets excited but listens well when corrected. Needs a basic obedience refresher but walks well on a leash and is potty trained. Loves to rough house, loves playing with his sister Duchess though they get pretty vocal in their playing. Could be adopted with Duchess but would probably do very well on his own or with another dog.

Duke would do best with a large fenced yard, high activity family, or with a job. He’s too smart for his own good as he can open most basic gates and doors.

Wants to be with his people more then on his own. Does not like fireworks.

“Duke” (old information) is a possible Aussie mix - maybe with Husky…? Lab…? we don’t know. Duke is a black tri neutered male with 2 blue eyes and a bobbed tail, he is about 3 years old. He was relinquished to a rescue because he kept digging out (we got him from the other rescue, so have never talked to the original owners), so a secure fenced yard is a must. He is social, both with humans and other dogs, and seems to be kid friendly - but no young kids, they may get knocked over! He is active, alert and playful, has a good start on being housebroken, just a really nice fur-kid! (Palmdale area)

If you are interested in him, please fill out our adoption application:  https://www.aussierescuesocal.com/applications/adoption_v2/