Available Through ARSC

The dogs listed below are up for adoption through Aussie Rescue SoCal. They may be in foster homes. Follow the specific contact information in the listing if interested in a dog that is listed. If there is no information listed for contact, use our Adoption Application to express interest. Please be sure to put the dogs name your interested in using the appropriate field.

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Charley is a senior AmStaff/Pitbull mix.  She was an owner surrender and was in poor condition. She has undergone an amazing transformation with several medicated baths due to a chronic skin infection.  She has also had a dental appointment to take care of failing teeth and a cleaning and has recently had her nails trimmed under sedation (due to excessive length from her skin condition.)  She is very sweet and wants to get pets from everyone she meets!  She gives puppy kisses at every opportunity! She is good with children and with proper introduction may be good with other pets (pets that respect boundaries and space, not Aussies!)  She loves her toys and will carry them around!  Charley is house trained and REALLY enjoys going for walks.  She will play for a short time and is perfectly content being by her human's side.  If you are that human that can give her the love and attention that she truly deserves, submit an application at https://www.aussierescuesocal.com/applications/adoption_v2/   (Orange County area)

Duke & Duchess

"Duke and Duchess" are a pair of possible Aussie mixes - maybe with Husky…?  Lab…?  we don’t know 🤷‍♀️  Duke is a black tri neutered male with 2 blue eyes and a bobbed tail, Duchess is a spayed female, white with red patches, one blue eye and the other looks like it may not have developed fully.  They are about 18 months to 2 years old, they were relinquished to a rescue because they kept digging out (we got them from the other rescue, so have never talked to the original owners), so a secure fenced yard is a must.  They are very bonded, so please do not ask if we will separate; they are social, both with humans and other dogs, and seem to be kid friendly - but no young kids, they may get knocked over! They are active, alert and playful, have a good start on being housebroken, just really nice fur-kids!   If you are interested in this delightful pair, please fill out our adoption application:  https://www.aussierescuesocal.com/applications/adoption_v2/  (Palmdale area)