FosterFostering is an important part of Aussie Rescue SoCal. Having a temporary place to care for the unwanted Aussies in shelters is a great gift you can give. Having that warm loving home to care for, and rehabilitate if necessary, is what every Aussie desires and deserves. Even if it is a temporary solution, it is better then the crowded cages that they are currently living with. You can get an Aussie ready for adoption by offering a warm bed in your home and teaching them what it is like to be loved and not deserted.

The more foster homes we have the more Aussies we can save. 

Please fill out this form to submit information about yourself and household for foster consideration. All fields marked with an * are required. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

By clicking submit you (also) understand that any dog that is pulled from a shelter under Aussie Rescue SoCal will be adopted out under an Aussie Rescue SoCal adoption contract - any exceptions must be made ahead of time and only with prior approved rescues.