Courtesy Listings

With the Courtesy Listings, each dog will have a specific contact person listed for interested parties to contact for more information. Other rescues will have their own adoption requirements some of which may vary from ours. Courtesy Listings for private parties are merely a referral, we make no guarantees on them and are relying on the owner to provide accurate information, it is up to the interested parties to determine if it is the right match for them. We do not help them sell their dog, but we do require that the dog be altered before we will post it to our site so the owner may ask for reimbursement of that cost, if it was done to meet our requirements. Any placement/home requirements for these dogs are up to their owner.

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Juno is a one year old female Aussie (birthday Feb. 25th, 2021) who is a triple threat--Brains, Beauty, and Personality. Our family is in love with Juno, as we've had her since she was a puppy of 8 weeks. We are seeking a new home for her because two of us in the family have very bad allergies to her. She is energetic, keeps our roses trimmed by eating them, loves to be by your side, and makes adorable facial expressions. She is great at catching frisbees, is the undisputed tug of war champ in our home, absolutely loves bubbles, and enjoys being brushed. She responds well to training, but can be pushy, so someone with some dog experience would be great for her. We have two kids in the family, 8 and 12, but she might be better suited for a family with kids about 10 and over. She plays well with other dogs according to her daycare/kennel, and does not bark at the dogs that live next door, so we think she may do well with other dogs. She has not been around cats. We currently spend 2-3 hours a day directly engaging in play with her, but she can be alone in our backyard, which is medium sized, for 7-8 hours a day without destroying things. Her main behavior issues include jumping on people out of excitement, excessive barking when anyone approaches the front door, and pulling on her leash. With patience, training, and enough exercise, she would make a great companion for any type of home.

If you are interested in Juno, please fill out our adoption application and we will forward it over to her owners.


Cirrus is a 40 lb gentle and calm blue merle Australian Shepherd. Although he has a lot of white in his coloring he has good vision and hearing.
He loves to play ball.......although you don't always get it back! He is great in the car and on the leash. He would make a wonderful family dog with another dog his size or as an only dog in the house.
He steals the hearts of all he meets and greets everyone with a smile and a wiggle. He is in a foster home in Santa Barbara.
For more details and videos

If interested in adopting Cirrus, please email:


"JACK" is the most loving and sincere 2yr old Aussie shepherd / German shepherd mix ever. Despite his heart, he’s had a bit of a rough go and is in need of the right foster and eventually forever home to help him thrive. 
We’ve been working with Jack for two years and have gotten to know him very well. His personality is as complicated as his gorgeous coat. 
The great!

• Is the most loving animal on earth
• LOVES his humans
• is a velcro dog
• Has incredible recall
• is a stellar athlete (can clear a 10ft wall)
• is housebroken
• Is crate trained
• Is wonderful in the house
• Is well trained in basic obedience

The challenging…

• has extreme prey drive
• can have extreme leash reactivity to dogs and humans
• is a high anxiety dog
• requires a rigorous, constant and specific structure to thrive
• is an aspiring alpha who will take any opportunity to climb - with humans, with dogs etc. Jack needs to be the only dog in the household.
• Requires hours of daily exercise, hours of crate time, a rigid schedule and very specific walking technique
• is a job, but is WONDERfUL if you’re up for it ❤️

With all of that in mind - We’ve seen how Jack thrives when given the proper structure and attention. Each of these issues can be mitigated by the right approach if applied with consistency. He does much better as part of a pack. He can be walked normally when handled correctly and properly exercised etc. 
Unfortunately, despite our best and continued efforts it’s become clear that Jack is much better suited for an environment outside of our home. He’s too smart and loving to not have a chance to thrive. 
Jack has been trained by the best including:

• @BlueManDog
• Topanga Pet Resort
• Many independent behaviorists
• @HumbleK9

Many of these trainers are huge fans of Jack and are willing to relay his exact needs in detail and work with his new owner or Foster to ensure his success.
We love Jack very much and want to see him happy and loved in a place that’s better suited to his needs - the rewards of his companionship are worth the effort - he’s the smooshiest.

If you are interested in adopting Jack, please fill out our adoption application and we will forward it to his owners:  


"Kiki" is a 2 year old, 40-45 lb female, Aussie/Flat coat retriever mix.  Kiki can be a bit shy with new people but with help, she can get quite comfortable.   It doesn’t take long until she is cuddled up with you, belly up for pets or loving to rest her head on your lap. She has medium energy that can be really brought out during walks and play time. Other than this though, Kiki is quite a relaxed dog. She has a very calm behavior in the car which tells us she would be a great road trip companion. Overall, she would be perfect for anyone who enjoys snuggling with their furry companion on the couch, but also wouldn’t mind going for a decent walk. She is knowledgeable with sit, down, come and stay and she gently takes her treats.  She likes toys to chew on but has not demonstrated any demolition skills yet.  She would like a family that wants to have her sleep with them and she does not take up too much room or overcrowd you.  Her house manners are impeccable.  She can get excited when she sees other dogs out walking but with continued training, she is becoming a fun walking companion.
Go to this link for their adoption application at the top of the page:


Isabella "Bella" is a 9 year old spayed female Aussie-Border Collie mix (?) who is in need of a loving home with no children and ideally no other dogs. Bella was adopted from a high kill shelter when she was a puppy. Bella has been around other dogs most her life in the home, but within the last year has shown elevated aggression and herding towards the other household female dog that has resulted in breaking skin on numerous occasions and a home dynamic change.

Unfortunately she is also not good with kids and her owners are going to be taking next steps as a family - as such they are heartbreakingly seeking a permanent loving home that can provide her with what they can't any longer. She is a sweet girl with a love of playing ball, belly rubs, and following you around. She's happy to sit by your side and keep you company wherever you go. Bella weighs 39 lbs and enjoys walks with little distraction but would need a yard to fetch and play with toys so no condo/apartments.

She sleeps inside at the foot of the bed and spends her entire day inside in AC which helps with her sensitive skin. During peak allergy season, she is known to rub her fur until raw and would do best in a home that can give baths and brush often - she is wonderful in the bath and with the hair dryer, but has sensitive feet. She also does not mind shirts/sweaters which helps when her skin is very sensitive. She also does perfectly fine at the groomers.

Bella is not destructive (except tearing up toys), she waits for her food when told to sit and can walk on a loose lead when there are no major distractions. She does not get carsick, does not like the vacuum, and will warn you if someone is at the door. She is very smart and would do well with owners who can be very structured, routine, and patient with a passion for training and an understanding of the herding breed needs. She has a heart warming smile and will love you with all she has. If you are interested in Bella, please fill out our adoption application and we will forward it over to her owners: (Tustin area)