Courtesy Listings

With the Courtesy Listings, each dog will have a specific contact person listed for interested parties to contact for more information. Other rescues will have their own adoption requirements some of which may vary from ours. Courtesy Listings for private parties are merely a referral, we make no guarantees on them and are relying on the owner to provide accurate information, it is up to the interested parties to determine if it is the right match for them. We do not help them sell their dog, but we do require that the dog be altered before we will post it to our site so the owner may ask for reimbursement of that cost, if it was done to meet our requirements. Any placement/home requirements for these dogs are up to their owner.

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"JOEY" is a 3 yr old red tri neutered male that weighs 33 pounds.  His owners did have him shaved for the summer.  He is housebroken and well behaved in the house, has gone to dog parks and dog beach and been fine - some dogs he likes, some he avoids, he has dog-friends that he loves to play with, just needs to be introduced carefully and slowly, don’t expect him to immediately love another dog.  He is very sweet and obedient, affectionate and loyal to his people, loves to get on the bed next to you, but nervous and anxious of strangers.  No idea how he is with children under 10, he has been around 10 & up limitedly and seems okay, no idea on cats. He does better with women than men, needs some time to warm up, he can be territorial/protective of his home and recently did nip (no blood but may have bruised) a worker there in his home and his owners are not comfortable having him any longer.  He has a medium energy level, enjoys playing ball/fetch with his toys, and walks on a loose leash.  If you feel you have the right home for Joey, please fill out our adoption application and we will forward it to his owners:  - if we have your adopt app already, drop us an email:   (Sherman Oaks area)


Meet Eddie, a 2.5 year old Australian Shepherd (standard size, DOB 11/4/2018). Eddie is in need of a new home, one where he can get the time, and more importantly the training, he needs. Eddie has several excellent qualities: he is very loyal, sweet, extremely tolerant of kids, he does not nip/herd the children, he’s house-trained, has mad cuddling skills and his fetch game is strong. Eddie has earned the nickname "Ready Eddie" because no matter the time he is ready to participate in whatever you are doing, that being said, he does know how to be calm in the house.

Eddie also needs some intensive training - he started showing signs of aggression towards other dogs early on and his owner does not have the time or skills to get him where he needs to be in terms of training. He’s made some improvements on walks and is capable of sitting and being calm despite a dog barking behind a fence. Dogs on leash are an different story and are much harder for Eddie to tolerate, he has bitten his owner twice in these situations and it is recommended that he be walked wearing a proper muzzle. Both times the bites were minor and did not require medical attention; it was clearly redirected aggression as Eddie shows no aggression towards people otherwise. He occasionally encounters horses on walks and does not seem to mind them, but has not been allowed to get very close; he has not been around cats. His current owner made a point to pet/brush him while eating and he shows no signs of food aggression. Eddie loves every one he meets, no warm up period required, but not everyone can handle his enthusiasm. His tail-less butt-wiggle is a classic Eddie greeting. On occasion he jumps but rarely on a person - he’d rather show off his impressive vertical leap. Frequent and vigorous exercise is needed and he will even exercise himself if a pool is available. A large fenced yard is a must, especially until he can behave himself around other dogs, a pool would be a huge plus. Eddie has lived with one other dog his whole life and gets a long with him really well. Eddie is a well-loved pup and his owner just wants what’s best for him but recognizes that it’s not his current situation. 
If you are interested in Eddie, please fill out our adoption application and we will forward it on to his owner:  - if we have your adopt app already, drop us an email of your interest:   (Alta Loma area)


This delightful boy is more than a pretty face. Please read entire post and apply if you can meet his needs.

Name: Zippy
Gender: Male
Age: 7 months old
Breed: Mini Aussie
Weight: 15 lbs

This adorable boy can be the sweetest most fun partner but he needs someone who will commit to training and working with him. Zippy was relinquished by a family when he began nipping and barking at their toddler. He was previously placed in a 6 week board and train program because he was fearful around strangers. After he came back, he was even more afraid of everyone and his behaviors were worse. Zippy has been responding well to his new routine and positive reinforcement training. He is learning to think and cope. Being a teenager, he is still learning and gets over excited easily. It will take more time, consistency and training to develop good manners. Zippy is reactive to new people and new dogs. He will lunge and nip if someone reaches out before he gets to know them and respects them.  He will need a quiet home with a fenced yard just for him. Zippy loves to go in the car, do Zoomies, play with his toys, train and help his person do chores.  He is not used to being left alone for long periods of time. Zippy needs a home with someone who is a strong leader and is experienced working with reactivity. He will need structure and leadership.

Zippy is not recommended for young children or busy households. Unknown with cats. Needs to be the only dog in his home. If you can meet Zippy’s needs and commit to his development, please fill out our adoption application https://aussierescuesandiego. org/foster-and-volunteer/ adoptionapplication/


Contact is owner Christine @ 805-674-5512,
Location: Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, CA
Riley, 25lbs, is a 3.5-ish year old spayed female heeler mix current on vaccines as of 1/2021, heartworm and flea/tic preventatives, and microchipped.
Having been an underweight stray, she was originally adopted by a college woman. Riley was anxious in busy apartment life including nipping a stranger. Quieter rural home life seemed to do the trick, until ‘sharing’ problems emerged: she walks/runs next to my other dog, and they play chase or tug of war. But sometimes it gets rough, and Riley has issues sharing my attention and toys.
When activated, she snaps at my other dog and displays mild resource guarding. She’s sensitive to touch, too. She occasionally puts her paws on me and enjoys head scratches and a few pets, will show you her belly, and I can manipulate her paws. But at other times will emit a low growl to let you know she’d rather not be touched. She’d love to sit by your feet or right by your side on the couch or bed, but not snuggling. Fortunately, she’s very food motivated and things have improved with behavioral assessment and ongoing training. However, both dogs would be more relaxed and happier if Riley found her very own family. She will thrive as the only child in an adult-only home with a fenced yard.
Riley is smart and cute. She is house trained, crate trained, investigates the yard, and uses a doggie door. This smarty pants knows standard commands and quickly picked up spin right, spin left, touch (with nose), pat (with paw), look, a 3-jump agility routine, and more. A picky eater, she takes treats gently & loves carrots and romaine lettuce: she will sit in front of the fridge hoping for oneof the aforementioned veggie treats. She likes car rides (but barks), is good on leash (adorably sits at intersections without prompting) and might be a good distance walk/run/hike pal. She’s easily run 5 miles so far and provides security and companionship. A keen ear, she will be a good alert dog at home. Though active, she settles herself super easily laying down or chewing a bone by her person. Can you give a good home to this only child?. Her adopter(s) will receive her crate and a number of other supplies.


"STARLA" is a 3.5 yrs old black tri spayed female Aussie, weighing 55 lbs.  She is an energetic girl, enjoys runs, training and getting treats, as well as belly rubs and snuggling.  She is a friendly girl, okay with cats, but would prefer to be an only dog in the household. Here is what her owners have to say about her:
We are seeking an active home with no other pets for our loyal and loving three-year-old Aussie, Starla.

Starla is extremely sweet and loves every person she has ever met.  Our problem is that when she is hungry, tired or in need of exercise, she exhibits some resource guarding behavior, and will sometimes snap at our smaller dog, Max.  This has on occasion resulted in medical treatment due to puncture wounds.  She has never seriously injured Max, but these instances have created a high level of stress within our household, so we feel it's necessary to separate them.  Max was our pet first, so even though we love her dearly we are choosing to re-home Starla.

If you are interested in Starla, please text Matt @ (805) 637-3953  (Santa Barbara area)


Cali is a 4 yr old spayed blue female Aussie with two blue eyes and about 50 pounds.  She is housebroken and well behaved in the house, loves to run and go on walks,  thrives with attention and wants a job to do.  Cali loves to snuggle and loves kids, but she is very anxious at times and this makes her impulsive, she can and has bitten if she feels threatened or if you try to take something from her/out of her mouth - she will get very focused/fixated on something and may bite if you try and distract her or get between it and her.  However she is not aggressive with food and even lets other animals eat out of her bowl before she does.  She is good with other dogs, no idea on cats, is friendly and high energy.  She loves playing in the water and the snow.  If you are interested in adopting Cali please fill out our adoption application:  (Laguna Niguel area)


REMMY is with Peace of Mind Dog Rescue:
Looks like: Australian Shepherd Mix
Male, 12 years old, 33 pounds

"REMMY" is a sweet older gentleman. He is apprehensive at first and does not like to be lifted. He does snap at too forward people and so should go to a home without children and be with understanding adopters. Also, he much prefers women to men and is very distant to men. He has quite an impressive resume otherwise -- he is great with big or small dogs and he is crate trained and rides well in the car. He is a bit on the timid side at first and prefers to be left untouched until he gets used to you. He isn't described as overly affectionate with people but will warm up to you once he trusts you. He does need a home without cats. 
Remmy did not go many places before coming to POMDR. So a walk to a busy place can be very overwhelming. He has lived a reserved life and it shows in his personality. Slow exposure is ideal for him. 
He walks well on leash. He eats and sleeps in his crate - being led in by food and then settling in comfortably. Remmy does pace in the house and yard, especially during transition but then will mostly just follow his person around. He wants to be with you and is actually showing anxiety when left behind so needs help understanding being left alone is ok. He is hearing and vision impaired but has good energy for his age. He watches intently but doesn't really know any commands. 
Remmy came to us from the Newman Animal Shelter.
Click here for more pictures of Remmy as well as their adoption application:


Kulture is a 2 year old Aussie Mix. She would thrive in a home where she is the only pet as she is an Alpha female. She is a sweet dog full of energy, her favorite thing to do is play ball. She is very smart and likes to show off all the tricks she knows: sit, lay, stay, play dead, roll over, paw, high five, spin. She also loves to do agility training and loves challenge and puzzle toys. She is very nervous and anxious around new people but once she knows you she is very loving and affectionate. She is an amazing dog but in need of rehoming due to us having another Alpha female and they recently got into a dog fight so we believe it is best to rehome Kulture since she would do best in a home by herself. She loves taking trips to the beach and playing fetch in the water. She is crate trained, potty trained, and has completed basic obedience courses. She could use some more strict training with heel and when walking on leash. She is very reactive to other dogs. but this comes from fear and anxiousness. She is great with my sister's baby but that may be because they grew up together. She is spayed, and up to date on all her vaccines, she is also micro chipped. She is definitely an indoor house dog but loves to play outside with you during the day. Kulture is a bigger dog weighing 77lbs. The family that wishes to rehome her will receive her crate, bed, toys, food, favorite treats, balls to play fetch, collar, leash vaccination records, and microchip info. 

I hope to find her the perfect home so a phone interview and home check will be required. And questions or if you would like more info and pictures or videos please feel free to contact me: (209) 672-5207.  (San Jose area)


"NIXON" is around 5 years old, he is a neutered male Aussie / Lab mix and weighs 75lbs. He is very energetic and loves people- once he gets to know you or you want to take him for a walk. He was adopted when he was about 10 months old from a shelter from a shelter near Denver CO. He has hiked the 14,000ft hikes in Denver like it was a walk around the block and he will chase whatever you want to throw for as long as you want to throw it, and loves to swim. He is sometimes hesitant to meet new people but if you ignore him, he wants to meet you. Nixon does not even see other dogs when he is walking, or on hikes even if they bark at him. He loves the car and has done many road trips and stayed in hotels.
Nixon is very good inside of the house. He rarely barks, is potty trained, knows the difference between what he can and can’t chew on, and wants to be a lap dog, he is also good about staying in his bed.  His human parents recently had a baby and he has become jealous. He has nipped at both of his parents but never bit. He has had a lot of training and the trainer thinks that he needs to be with someone who will keep him active and also be in charge. Nixon likes to think that he is in charge and if you stay on top of his discipline he does great. He is staying with his "Grandparents" right now but they rescue and forever foster senior dogs from Frosted Faces. His parents are looking for a family who have the time to spend with him. He loves to work and is incredibly smart and could learn whatever you wanted to teach him. He enjoys being outside so you would  have to have a  large fenced yard. He has learned to get along with his little senior dog so I think he would adjust to another dog.  Nixon is already microchipped. If you are interested in Nixon, please email: (Ramona area)


"FUZZY" is gorgeous and has had a pretty tough start to life. He was surrendered with his brother to a high kill shelter and intercepted by a Malinois advocate. His brother was adopted immediately as a foster fail. Fuzzy has been under the care of our head trainer - she has over 20 years experience with Malis and other pups. 
The litter was bred with an Australian Shepherd and Malinois. 
Fuzzy is super sweet. He would be best in a home where he is an only dog and no cats/small creatures. (We imagine him with a doting couple) He grew up with children so is okay with good structure and boundaries.
He is super food motivated and loves working for his treats but is also pretty much a couch potato. His basic OB is on point - he even has a sit pretty! He has a dense undercoat and loves the camera. He will pose for a picture! Fuzzy loves baths and grooming time, he's also potty trained and crate trained. He is shy at first and gets uncomfortable with strangers just coming at him. He is pretty good for a few rounds of fetch and will definitely get a little tubby if overfed. Please LOVE me! I am too ridiculously cute 🙂
Currently located in: Simi Valley, CA
If you are interested in Fuzzy, please go to this page for more information and pictures: