Volunteer Information

Interested in volunteering? Giving your time to a cause is a great feeling. ARSC is always seeking volunteers to help out in the process of rescuing Aussies.  It is not just going to the shelter and picking up a unwanted dog. There are many processes that happen in the background you may not know about. If you have some time to give to a cause, consider giving to Aussie Rescue SoCal.

From helping manage paperwork, to directly helping a dog get rescued, there is a place for you, your love for Aussies, and your skills. Here is a short list of possible ways to volunteer.

  • Computer and Administrative work
  • Grant writing
  • Website editing/maintaining
  • Dog transporting
  • Public event staff
  • Fostering
  • Dog training
  • Database maintaining
  • Application processing and evaluating
  • Public relations and fundraising
  • Social media
  • The list goes on

If you are interested in investing your time in a great cause in Southern California, consider offering it to Aussie Rescue SoCal and Contact Us. We hope to hear from you soon!