Senior Care and Information

SeniorAussie Rescue SoCal has collected a tremendous amount of information about senior dogs. Some of this information includes subjects such as why to adopt a senior dog and the benefits, caring for a senior dog, diagnosing and treating senior dog issues that may arise as older age sets in. Please browse through the documents below and take a look at all of the information collected. All documents were created by and credit goes to the respective organization or individual who created them and that credit information is contained inside the documents. Some of the documents include more helpful links on each subject.

Special thanks goes out to the individuals involved in the collection of this valuable information.

Each document is an Adobe (.pdf) file. If you do not have a program to view the file please click HERE to obtain Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Why should you adopt a senior dog?
Great information about the benefits of adopting a senior dog
Caring for your senior dog
Here is some information on caring for your senior dog
Common diseases of older dogs
Take a look at this document about diseases an older dog may encounter
Monitoring your senior Dog for signs of disease
Monitoring your senior dog is important
Cognitive dysfunction & senility in dogs
If you find you have issues with your senior dog
Behavior changes & problems in older dogs
Be aware of the changes your senior dog may encounter
The Grey Muzzle Organization
Caring for your senior dog brought to you by GreyMuzzle.Org
Alzheimer's in Dogs and Cats
Pet care article from Pet Care Naturally
The Senior Dog Project
Looking out for older dogs
Available Senior Dogs through ARSC
If there are any special senior dogs available find them here