In Memory of Jacinta

On July 23rd, 2010, Aussie Rescuers here in Southern California lost one of their own, a very dear, fellow rescuer, Jacinta Stockton, passed away. I first got to know her years ago after she adopted their first Aussie, Charlie, out of a local shelter. Jacinta contacted me wanting to help our rescue efforts, little did she know what she was getting into! Their very first foster dog, Angie, never left ;} Over the years she has helped save many many Aussies and kept me going many many times when I just wanted to give up doing rescue - her sense of humor and ability to 'cut through the crap' made me laugh and say, 'ok, I'm not quitting today'. Jacinta did everything with a passion, from doing the rescue, to nursing, to diving with her husband, to adoring her granddaughter - she was an awesome person and I only hope I was as good a friend to her as she was to me.
One of the passions we shared was for the senior Aussies needing help - whether they were abandoned, lost, sick, just needed a caring, loving place to be for whatever time they had left, those were the ones that got to us both and made us sqeeezzzeee one more into our own homes.
In loving memory of our friend, Jacinta -
- we are missing you tremendously, but I know there are some Aussies keeping you company that are very happy to see you again -