In Memory of Justin Wheeler

Justin Wheeler, the best Aussie I could ever ask for!!

Adopted from: San Diego South County Animal Shelter via FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Shelter)

New Home: Tokiko in San Diego, CA

I really wanted an Aussie, but all I read about the breed was that they are very active, smart and need a job to do everyday. That sounded very discouraging the fact I need to go to work and I'd be away from home for 9 - 10 hours at least everyday. My dog will be left alone a good amount of time by her/himself. But I couldn't just forget about the breed.

I happened to find a young blue merle male Aussie on Southern California Aussie Rescue web site, and he was at a foster home in San Diego. So I immediately phoned his foster home to schedule a visit. His foster mom, Nan, told me he was very mellow, fine with cats and he had a very good doggie manner. She thought he would be fine with me (I never really had a prior experience owning a dog!) When I went to visit him, I loved the way he glued himself to me and looking very excited to see me, so right there and then, I decided he needed to be MY Aussie.

He was well behaved dog. He never destroyed anything in my apartment.
Everyday I came home things were where I left them. Cats were still alive too! (That's always a good thing!) The fact that he was about a year and half to 2 years old, I didn't have to deal with puppy problems. So that made very easy for me. I didn't have a yard. How dare me to adopt an Aussie without a yard for him to play, huh? But I played and walked with him everyday as much as I could. I tried to make up to him on weekend because it was hard to spend as much as time I'd like to and he may want during weekdays.

I want other people who are considering adopting an Aussie to know that if you want an Aussie, do not be put off by what you read about the breed. Work with the Aussie rescue reps. If you are patient, with a help of the reps, you'll find your own perfect Aussie.

Unfortunately, Justin is no longer with me. He passed away last December. His old injury has never healed completely. (His old injury, people at FOCAS spend time and money trying to fix him prior to his adoption.) He developed an infection in his hipbone and another surgery couldn't relieve him from pain. I was told that even with pain management he will always in pain, so he was put to sleep.

Justin and I spent three short years together, but I hope the time he was with me he was happy. I'm not quite ready yet welcoming another Aussie, but when the time is right, I'll be contacting Southern California Aussie Rescue again.

Thank you.