In Memory of Rocky Epstein

Rocky J. Epstein, blogger for the law

We had to bid a fond farewell to one of the sweetest creatures ever known to man, Rocky J. Epstein, Australian Shepherd and blogger for the Law Office of Bob Epstein. Rocky came into our lives about 10 years ago after he was found wandering in the streets in, of all places, Apple Valley, California. He was scrawny and in pretty bad shape physically. He was being fostered by a very generous family in Hesperia. Fortunately, for him and us, our good friend, Karyl of Aussie Rescue SoCal, knew Rocky and knew we were looking for a companion for Molly.

Rocky brought a great deal of joy into not only our lives but to all who knew him. He frightened people with his big bark when they came to the door, but once they came in, he loved them, and they loved him. He attended all social functions and made sure that each of our guests felt at home. Although he loved everyone, there were a few exceptions, like the mailman and the UPS driver.

Rocky came to work every day at the Law Office of Bob Epstein. He dictated the blogs that Tory typed. They were a dog’s view of a law office and of life in general. He became very famous for his writings.

Rocky was a wonderful companion to Molly. She grew to love him very much.

A short time ago we had to make the difficult decision to say good bye to Rocky, he suffered a stroke and couldn’t walk. We all miss him very much. He brought so very much love and affection to us. We were very, very lucky to have been able to have Rocky in our lives.

Tory and Bob Epstein